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Love and Hip Hop Recap 06/3/13


Stevie J & Joseline
these two are clearly here for entertainment. I mean honestly does anyone take them serious? Or even their relationship serious? For some reason Joseline has gotten on a high horse and seems to think she’s Beyonce by saying she’s a made b****. I mean were you not just a stripper last season? Their segment is starting to bore me.

Ariane, Mimi & K. Michelle

This seems to be a test of friendship. apparently K. Michelle thinks that Mimi’s new boyfriend is homosexual (i wouldn’t be surprised, I mean this is ATLANTA and Stevie J seem a little suspect to me.) However, bad move on K.Michelle’s part to blast that on the airwaves. Ariane is trying to play the peacemaker to no avail. Mimi is getting on my nerves with this ghetto hood bout that life mentality. She screaming all in Ariane’s face however when Kay slapped you across ed the head with flowers you did nothing. Did I miss something? I’ve always thought that Mimi was a little off.
K.Michelle has been dragging this domestic abuse for awhile now, yet she can’t seem to keep her hands to herself.

Moving on
Rasheeda & Kurt

I’m all the way confused about this marriage. i mean how do you tell your wife to get an abortion? How is it that married couples are utilizing the pull out method? I understand pregnancies can be surprising but you guys are married not in high school. Rasheeda’s career is not that relative to be planning things around, honestly.
I wish my husband would tell me to get an abortion…have a Pro-Player stadium full of seats.

Last but definitely not least.
Erica, Scrappy & Shay


I truly feel for Shay because I’ve recent;y been in a situation where you’ve dealt with a man not knowing the true and complete status of his relationship with the mother of his child. He’s telling you one thing, when in reality it’s completely different.
You fall in love with this man, you create a bond with him and in the end he still chooses her over you. That hurts. So I feel where Shay is coming from. She got caught up. It happens to the best of us. I just wish she didn’t put it out there for the world to see. It’s embarrassing to see. Scrappy is a typical man, he is going to have his cake and eat it too as long as its available. SHAME. Erica seems to be taking a stance in this relationship by taking a break however that only drives Scrappy back into the open arms of Shay who willingly accepts him back. It’s a hard pill to swallow. The preview for the next week episode shows they still had sex up until he proposed to Erica. i wouldn’t doubt if they were still screwing after too.


Notice I didn’t mention Traci and Drew? I could care less.

Until the next dose of ratchetness. Dueces.

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