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Biological Clock…..Baby Blues

Upon hearing recent news of a close friend’s new pregnancy, I was in a different stage of emotions. Happy and elated for her of course. I think having children and giving birth is a wonderful blessing and I’m excited for her to start picking out baby names and maternity clothes and so on and so forth. Image

But I also felt slightly saddened. Wondering when would I relish in the joy of sharing that good news with my friends and family. I’m 25 years old, and studies show that the biological clock starts ticking for African-American women in their late 20s. So roughly I have 5 years. I guess that’s not so bad when I look at that way. However, what are the odds of a mate finding me, establish a healthy dating relationship, get married, and have my first baby at 30? Maybe I’m just impatient. But who wouldn’t be with all of my close friends around me becoming mothers? I can’t help but to feel like i’m missing out. I’ve heard you’ve never really experienced a love like when you bring a child into this world. I guess maybe i am longing for that. However, I would like to be traditional and have a baby after marriage. But all in God’s will. For now I will enjoy playing auntie to these beautiful babies!!

Image    boys 942608_658729197488270_11107148_n

2 thoughts on “Biological Clock…..Baby Blues

  1. I’m gonna tell you like this, if you live under God’s Kingdom and operate by his standards, the term “biological clock” means nothing. Marriage first than children is the only way God intended but of course many of us, myself included, have found ourselves pregnant out of wedlock. The joy that a new mother and father should be experiencing is often times marred by financial, emotional, and/or relational issues. Marriage of course is not the cure all because every situation is different, but I can speak from experience and say when you have been blessed with the right one creating a child together is one of the most joyous moments you can share with someone. I encourage you to continue to wait on that one who God ordained for you so that the joy of bringing a child into this world will not only bring you and your husband closer together but also honor God. And I guarantee that even if this happens for you slightly over the age of 30 you will be one of the ones who say, “It was worth the wait.”

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