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“BETTER” New Album by Chrisette Michele Review


Let me just say I’ve ALWAYS been a fan of Chrisette Michele! I absolutely love and adore her music.  The end of 2009 I had her Epiphany album on constant repeat for like 3 months straight. (See my meet experience with her below the review) She is a great song writer and I personally relate to her lyrics.

I purchased “Better” from Target for 16.99. I got the Deluxe edition which includes a few bonus tracks.

Her new album does not disappoint. I listened to it straight through without skipping any songs so I could give my honest review. 

I love “Couple of Forevers” and have designated this as my wedding song. (Don’t judge me I know I’m single) LOL Haven’t decided if I’m walking down the aisle or if we are dancing as our first song. Ironically it’s toss up between another CM song “Golden”.

The album title Better is a fave of mine. This is the song I relate to word for word.

“I’ve been wrecking my brain love’s so insane.
Cupid, help me please.
‘Cause Mr. Wrong keeps meeting me!
And I got a funny feeling love is just around the bend so
I’ll keep on pushing till love falls for me!

Like how many of us have met Mr. Wrong a time or two? I sure have my only problem is getting rid of my feelings for him.

Her album consists of a few love songs (Couple of Forevers), a few sad songs (Get Through the Night) a few upbeat tempos (Let me Win). Her interludes are very personal and give you more insight on her as an individual. On the Get Through the Night interlude, she speaks on going through a bad breakup and crying herself to sleep every night, just trying to make it to the morning. I thought that was extremely genuine of her to share that. I love everything about this album.

Her new image:


Any CM fans will notice she has lost a considerable amount of weight. I read an interview where she said she lost 30lbs by juicing, which lead to going to vegetarian and then eventually going vegan. CM is a small petite woman, probably on 5’2 so any added weight will make her bigger than she really is. I think she looks great!

She’s always been team natural, so I think her new hairstyle is edgy and daring. It shows she is not afraid to put herself out there which is commendable. When a woman cuts her hair, it’s way much deeper than what we see. It’s an internal decision. Trust I’ve been there.

All in all, I would definitely this recommend this to anyone who can appreciate good music. She mixes classy with sexy, old with new, love and new life, perfectly blended together and wrapped up in song.


So I met this guy through a mutual friend in December 2009 when I moved to Atlanta briefly. I guess he was trying to impress me, because he was driving me all around Atlanta as if I had never been there before. (Boy have a seat lol) So we ended up at the W hotel and he was like I want you to meet my cousin. She signs and is pretty dope. I was like oh okay cool. her name is Chrisette Michelle. I’m like boy CM is not your cousin, stop lying. He was like for real, here she come now. so he got out of the truck and she came up and opened the door and said Hi I’m Chris, and shook my hand! I liked to have fainted!


4 thoughts on ““BETTER” New Album by Chrisette Michele Review

  1. I love her work too; I have played “Better” so much that the lyrics and melody play in my head without playing my iTunes. When I realize she was coming out with a new album I began writing an article that will take you back in the day starting with her first album. I enjoyed her in concert in New York she is even better than the cd. And your not alone I found two songs on her album that is wedding material.

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