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CATFISH: The Power of Conversation (Online Dating)


I watched an episode of Catfish on MTV last night and was highly intrigued. For those of you who don’t know, Catfish is MTV’s newest reality show centering on people who date online but have never met physically in person. Usually one of the  individuals in this relationship is lying about their age. looks, or just everything all together. So the producers of the show dissect all of their information, and reveal to the unknowing party the true identity of the person they “thought” they knew but has already fallen in love with. (go figure)

Last night’s episode was a male gay couple Anthony & Mark.

This is Anthony. Image

He thought he was talking and falling in love with this guy. Mark. Image

Unfortunately, Mark was made up by a guy named Framel. Who really looked like this. Image 

Sad ain’t it?? 

Apparently these two had been talking for a whole year, they only attempted to meet in person once in which Framel stood Anthony up. For obvious reasons. 

I’m no stranger to online dating, in fact my very first serious boyfriend I met through AOL Black Voices. This was way back in the day before our generation jumped into the fast paced world of technology. But even then, we talked on the phone all day and all night, and by the next day we were so eager to see each other he drove 30 minutes to see me. The rest is history.


Prior to that I talked to quite a few people online, and we did things the traditional way by actually sending snail mail with real photos in them. I never pretended to not be who I was. Maybe a little shy of my age, since I’ve always had a pesky problem of dating older men lol. But in all truths I was confident enough in my appearance because I know I looked good.  I can’t say that for them as I’ve been cat-fished before. (OUCH!)


In this day and age of our microwave society, we have Skype, FaceTime, Oovoo, and instant MMS. I wonder how someone can be tricked into thinking or believing that someone is not who they say they are. Is there not an urgency to want to see what you’re dealing with?

Power of Conversation

Many may not believe this, but it is very possible to love and fall in love with someone over the phone. That explains all of the long distance relationships, whether someone is in the military or worse incarcerated. Everyone wants someone to talk to, to hear them, to share something with. Most people feel comfortable with communicating via phone because there are no awkward moments or uncomfortable silence. You can be anyone you want to be over the phone. But at what costs to the other person’s feelings?

Food for thought. For those who look for love online, are there any success stories?

Be safe in cyber world!

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