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A man has done nothing for you, until he has made you a wife.

I love having my own blog. I can stand on my own soapbox and state my opinion on how I feel about certain things whether if society agrees or not.

This meme or post has become so controversial between men and women.


I don’t think the post is extreme at all. It simply is what it is.

The ultimate goal in dating seriously is to find true love and to solidify your union. To be someone’s wife is a privilege and an honor as well to be a husband.

2nd Part: We (women) need to stop idolizing our boyfriends. It’s okay to love them, appreciate them, and care for them. Yes, yes, yes that is true. But you can’t allow yourself to be swallowed up in them. My boyfriend or my man is completely different from my husband. Know and learn the difference.


Proverbs 18:22 NIV
He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the LORD.


I’m justifying the use of that biblical quote and backing it up with what was taught to me growing up. There is a sort of validation that comes with being someone’s wife versus just being their girlfriend or life partner. I will never forget my step father liked to have killed or hurt this auto mechanic really bad, for speaking to his wife (my mother) in certain tone. He said   “Man that is my WIFE. My WIFE…do you understand me? Don’t ever disrespect her!”
When you have reached the plateau of becoming a man’s wife, it’s a whole different ball game. It’s hard dating out here, with the games men and women both play.
Who wants to date someone for years and years but never take that vow before GOD? Has nothing to do with a ring either. I would get married in a sheet, in the field with just him and I reading the bible to each other. Forget the materialistic stuff. I want to know that you trust me enough to be your wife, your lifelong companion, your forever confidante.

I just feel like, if you know what you want, why not go after it and make it yours? Why are men so afraid of marriage? Why do men feel like all women want is marriage?

All women want a commitment, yes. We want to be the one that you forsake all others for. We want to be protected and to be loved and to hold that title of being your wife. In my opinion, if a man loves you and wants to be with you he will make you his wife.


The problem with society today is that too many feel the need to question and counter act what used to be the norm back in the days. I understand that with time, things change, but shouldn’t the fundamentals be the same?

I think the most important thing out of all of this is this, when you are dating it’s important to discuss things like marriage, future kids and/or finances so you both can be on the same page. If the goal for you is marriage it’s better to put it out there in the beginning to avoid unmet expectations and a letdown.

3 thoughts on “A man has done nothing for you, until he has made you a wife.

  1. Great post…
    I say that not because I promote whats being said, more so because it sparks good debate.
    The ultimate goal in dating is to find someone that completes you and to find someone that loves you unconditionally when you are being yourself. We sometimes get caught up in this western philosophy/tradition of the institution of marriage. We believe we must apply for a license and sign documents to proclaim love for another person. Even worse we kill ourselves to have elaborate weddings. I automatically know a woman reading this is going to say “I don’t have to have a big wedding”,,blah blah blah. Little girls are programmed as kids to have a dream wedding. In your post you say “back in the days”. Let’s go back even further. Back to our REAL ROOTS. Our African ancestors had many wives and they accepted it.
    ’m not even going to touch on characters from the bible that had many wives. There is nothing wrong with praising your boyfriend especially if he is your backbone. Especially if he rides and dies with you. It could be a lot worse. Example – In this day and age polygamy is frowned upon but we all know that “guy”. He knows how to talk to a roomful of people. He knows how to carry himself. He knows how to make people smile. He’s charismatic and good looking. He’s a real “ladies man” and he’s sexing about 5 girls at the office or in the neighborhood. 3 girls know he’s sleeping with other women and they are cool with it. My point is if you have a boyfriend that’s all about you hold on to him tight and do not, I repeat, do not pressure this man into signing papers, etc.
    It’s not easy for a man to get up and get married. No, its not the fear of commitment. Its more so because of the fear of making the right decision. I know there are good women out there but trust and believe there are a lot of bad ones too. I won’t go into detail about what makes them bad or good but I know some super bad ones.
    Sorry for being longwinded. To sum it up if you ladies out there have a good man/boyfriend please don’t let this post make you think you need to pressure him into marriage. The statement “stop idolizing boyfriends” appears to have been created by a scorned/bitter woman that was burned by that “guy”.
    Shout out to Hershykiss for a beautiful blog and for sparking debate. Shout out to Thelemar celestin for the “wow, I love it” statement. The wow was for a good blog and the I love it is referring to the single life…lol
    Peace and Love
    PS For the record I’m not saying I’m that “guy” 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for your input!
      A lot of time I think my blogs go unnoticed but to read a comment like this, from someone I would assume be a stranger is very pleasing to me. It’s always great to hear a man’s POV.
      Thanks for the follow and welcome to my world.

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