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Birthday Behavior: Turning 26…..

*I haven’t updated my BLOG in a while, my apologies to all my subbies. I WILL do better*


So my birthday just recently passed (September 19) and to be honest I wasn’t all that excited…I mean I was happy but not too extremely happy LOL. Growing up my family did not  make a big deal out of birthdays but they were acknowledged. So maybe that’s where my lack luster attitude comes from.

I think on my 8th Birthday I was able to stay outside an extra 30 minutes to play lol.

On my 14th birthday my step dad brought me a set of press on nails from Walgreen’s lol. I have always been such a girly girl.

That’s pretty much all I remember from my childhood. As I’ve gotten older I usually celebrate my birthday with a group of close friends or family and have a nice dinner. This year I decided to do a brunch with all my closest female friends. I love breakfast food…(NOMNOM) 

Reflection on Turning a year Older:

When I was 18, I thought by 26, I would have 2 cars paid off, own my home and be married with at least one child.

Let’s just say I’ve pushed that goal to about 31 lol…

My life is okay but definitely not what I imagined. Single (but hopeful), pretty low maintenance job that pays decent, enough to cover my expenses. I feel my greatest accomplishment is moving into my “brand new apartment” that no one has lived in prior to me. LOL (don’t judge).

I’ve learned a lot about myself this past year. I’ve accepted the fact that I’m sensitive and I’ve chosen to stick up for myself if I feel someone has hurt my feelings and to not accept that from them. I’ve learned an incredible amount this year about men and dating and I’ve accepted the fact that my standards are not unreachable and if a potential suitor is uncomfortable with the then that is their lost obviously.

I’ve also learned a lot about love. I’ve loved someone for a very long time and realized recently that you can still love them even when they’ve hurt you. It’s funny how the heart works. With love, it’s okay to be resilient but not foolish. You can’t allow love to swallow you up in it if it’s not healthy or even if it’s not loving you the way you deserve to be loved in return. I’ve decided this year to hold on to the love I have for this individual but to allow myself to be free from the emotional bondage that’s held me captive for so long.

 I will continue to hope for the best and thank GOD for another year. 

My  goals:

Complete my book (daily struggle lol)

Fix my Credit  (don’t judge me)

Expand my Brand 

I have so many ideas that I would like to accomplish but I’ve always doubted myself that it was not possible. I’m going to try my hardest to be optimistic in all areas of my life and lead with positivism.

Enjoy pictures below for a recap of my birthday:







5 thoughts on “Birthday Behavior: Turning 26…..

  1. Belated bday. I turned 26 on Sep 25, and I feel you on the married and child part. I pushed it back to 31 also. All we can do is focus on our goals and be a better individual.

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