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My Rant for Today: Something for Nothing!

Okay, so I can only write about what I know. So today I’m pretty ticked off about people (men specifically) wanting something for nothing!


Let’s just get right into it. Why is it that men feel the need to receive something from you when they have done nothing for you? Why is it that men will do nothing for you unless you do something for them? I know that may have sounded like the same thing but it’s really not.

In the first instance, a man wants to f*ck you right away without even knowing your last name or STD status for that matter. What have you done for her that gives you the privilege of having sex with her? Why because you so called “like her”?  Not to confuse this with you have to spend thousands of dollars on her to have sex with her, that’s really not it. I’m just confused as to why men think that sex should be automatically given to you when you meet someone. Have you invested any time in getting to know her? Like real time, not 2 or 3 weeks. I’m talking 6-9 months. Really figuring out who she is before you decide to stick your d*ck in her?  I know that men are visual people. I get it. A woman’s most prized possession is what she holds in between her legs.  So the fact that a man wants to take it from you without doing the necessary steps it takes to earn it, really pisses me off! I mean who do ya’ll think yall are?  Then after you do get it, you leave! SMH. I’m disgusted.


(I met this guy once who told me he couldn’t imagine dating someone for 6 months or more without ever sleeping with them. In his mind he really doesn’t know her until they’ve reached that point. That’s the most dumbest and ludicrous thing I’ve ever heard of. Needless to say I don’t speak to that guy anymore. We fell out because our differences of opinions about a lot things. Can you imagine if I would have slept with him, what a waste it would have been??)

Next, a man won’t do anything for you unless you do something for him. If you need a couple of dollars until payday, you have to fuck him to get it. If you need your tire changed, you have to fuck him after he’s finished changing it. Okay I know I may be exaggerating lol but seriously. I’ve across so many dudes that will do absolutely nothing for a woman unless there is some type of reward at the end. Don’t get me wrong, if you’re a single woman and a guy friend does something for you, it’s nothing wrong with showing appreciation. Maybe cooking him a thank you meal is as far as I’ll go. But I’m not fucking you. That’s not happening. Some men are real clever; they won’t ask you right away they will spring on you later like calling or texting you late night. It’s 3:30 in the morning and you’re getting a text like “Hey you up?  They did something for you and they want compensation.


Disclaimer: All men are not like this. If you run into a man like this, 9 times out of 10 you will see the signs right away. When you do, you should run. However, most men come in sheep’s clothing; they will pretend to be one way when they really aren’t. When you discover his true intentions, you should also run.

One thought on “My Rant for Today: Something for Nothing!

  1. I don’t agree that a woman’s “most prized possession” is between her legs. It definitely carries weight but it should not be looked at as a possession. It is a gift that was meant to be given to one man and one man only, but our fleshly desire to be “loved” and accepted by a man causes us to lower our value and offer up the one thing he has no right to until he puts that ring on our finger.

    When a man takes a woman as his wife her body becomes his and his body hers, but even then that gift is not something he needs to “earn” but rather is given freely by the woman because she knows she can trust him with it.

    A man will continue to pursue you for what is in between your legs because he knows that is what YOU deem your most prized possession and what gives you value. And because he knows this he will do everything in his power to make you feel he is worthy of reaping that benefit, when he is not nor will be until he gives you his last name.

    So don’t fool yourself into thinking that a rent paying, grocery buying, shopping spree taking negro is any more deserving than dude who changed your tire and is now texting you at 3am. Neither are worth your time and will leave you with nothing but soul ties and regrets.


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