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My Rant for Today: Hoes be Winning!! (I’m so tired of it!)

So one of my favorite gossip websites Baller Alert  posted an article yesterday titled  “Are hoes winning or are you Losing?”

My answer to this is Hell Yes these hoes are winning…and absolutely I’m losing…thus my rant for today!

This comes just moments after the infamous Kim Kardashian gets engaged to Kanye West last night….she won in my Tamar voice.

images (1)

The term “Hoes be winning” simply means a woman who chooses sex over everything and is rewarded with things that all women want but won’t do what hoes do, to get it.

For example we (women) all want,  a husband, a marriage, children, to be financially stable, to own our own little business, to wear the latest  the fashion trends and on and so forth….

When hoes wins, it is implied that regular day to women lose out on those same benefits.

BA implied that hoes win, simply because they go out and get what they want by any means necessary, and while we can’t condone what they do to get what they want, we should however respect their drive to actually go out and get it…possibly even taking notes from them.

You have two types of hoes in my opinion, club hoes and secretive hoes.

girl      pires

Club hoes are the ones who live, breathe, eat, the fast life. These are typically the women, who are always in the club seven days a week. In order to meet these ballers you have to be seen enough times by them in a social setting. These girls usually start out as models, video girls, or most noted strippers. Strippers usually have a easier access to certain ballers who can provide them with the lifestyle they want…even if its for a short amount of time. They won’t miss an event, even if it’s a famous football player’s funeral (trust me I’ve been to one and seen them there) to meet or run into a dude who will provide them with what they want. These type of hoes are overly sexual, agreeing to threesomes and all types of things an average girl wouldn’t do. (At least initially)

Secretive hoes are the ones who are real estate agents, fashion consultants, interior decorators etc. These women have pretty decent jobs that puts them in the direct line of celebrities. They are not so open with their sexuality like the club hoes are, but they may have had their fair share of dudes. Think Emily B……


All in all, I feel most regular girls who have some sort of moral standards for herself will get passed up by a potential mate, due to these type of hoes laying it wide open on the table. Why should men work for it when others don’t require much?

Thus, these hoes do be winning, they get the happy ending. However, I now do not think I am losing, because I honestly don’t want to end up with someone who gravitates towards these type of hoes. 

*Kanye Shrug*


Enjoy these photos of hoes who have “won”:




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