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Sneek Preview of my Novel: Worst Case Scenario Pt 1





It’s Christmas Eve and I was home alone in my beautifully decorated apartment. I was tired of this shit. Every other night it’s the same thing with Marco.  It’s been three years of the same bullshit and every year he promises it will get better. It never does though. It just gets worse. I and Marco have been doing this two-step for as long as I’ve allowed it and I’m fed up.

I dialed his cellphone again. It rang three times then straight to voicemail. “This bastard sent me to voicemail!” Ugh! I was beyond frustrated. Marco agreed that we would spend some time together for Christmas but yet I was by myself. Just like every other holiday prior. I looked at the food on my stove that I had prepared. Even though I lived alone, I cooked like I had a house full of people. Two baked Cornish hens, pan of baked macaroni and cheese, brown sugar cinnamon yams, fresh cut green beans and sweet cornbread. I had outdone myself. I figured Marco might’ve been hungry so I was just being prepared. What a waste.

Me and Marco met a few years prior at a mutual friend’s housewarming party. It wasn’t exactly love at first sight. More so like a cat and mouse game. We flirted and since that was a co-ed party, we participated in all of the men versus women discussions disagreeing on everything. He was so sexy to me. Marco stands 6’4 easy. Smooth brown skin, luscious lips and he had the prettiest set of teeth I’ve ever seen on a man.  After exchanging numbers we agreed to link up soon. However life shall I say got in the way and we were never able to solidify anything. Three months had passed when we ran into each other again at Aventura Mall. I was in Macy’s in the men’s section looking for a Father’s day gift for my dad when someone tapped my shoulder.

“Hey you”. I turned around and there he stood. White polo V-neck, True Religion jeans, and a fresh pair of Jordans. I had almost forgotten how handsome he was, label whore but still handsome.

“Hey yourself. Stranger.”

We went back and forth on who forgot to call who and on and so forth, and just decided to have our date right then and there at Grand Lux Café. The rest is history.

“I should have left his ass right there in that damn mall” I thought. I glanced at the clock again. 10:43 pm. I called him again, this time it went straight to voicemail. I’m over this shit. Seriously.


2: 00 AM

I must have been knocked out from my two glasses of wine I consumed, to not hear him come in the door. I was in my bed naked with the TV on low. I just didn’t believe in sleeping with clothes on. I heard him switch it to a slow jams station when I opened my eyes.

“Marco?” I was blinking wiping the sleep from my eyes.

“Who else baby, you gotta another nigga I don’t know about?” he said that jokingly.

“Don’t play with me Marco. I’m mad at you anyway, where have you been I’ve been calling you all night?”

Marco chose not to answer me. Instead he stripped his clothes off and slid in the bed and starting massaging my thighs and legs.

“Marco stop I’m not…..”

“You not what? You called so I’m here…

He stopped me when his tongue made its first stroke across my clitoris.

“Shit..baby what are you…Mhmmm.” I opened my legs wider so he could proceed with his form of apology.

This man knew how to shut me up because he started eating and sucking my pssy like he was starving. He did it just how I like it too. A lot of moaning and dirty talking. “Damn baby your pussy always taste so good…you’re gonna come for me baby? Come on baby, come for daddy.”

Marco always knew what it took to send me over the edge. Sucking my clitoris was weakness. I came in his mouth in a matter of seconds. Marco came up and slid his dick in me gently. Sliding it in and out, he gained his rhythm proceeded to work me into a powerful orgasm. “You missed me baby?” Marco was whispering and kissing in my ear and around my neck. I moaned my reply to him. He knew I missed his ass. Marco had a way of sexing me into oblivion. Our sex has always been nothing short of amazing. It’s like his body was created for mine as vice versa. I took control and straddled him so I could feel all of him. I squeezed my pssy muscles and slowly went up and down stopping at his head and then brought it back down on him again. “Shit Raven this pussy is so good.” I tongue kissed Marco and he put his hands on my waist and was cupping my ass cheeks. “You like it baby?’ I bounced on his dick faster and guided his hands to my nipples. “Shit baby I’m coming…oooh Marco..ooh.. Baby..aah”. I came so hard I was shuddering. Marco flipped me over, laid me on my stomach and stroked me from the back. This was our signature move. He had both his hands in mine as he grinded in me making me come yet again. “This my pussy baby? Tell me its mine” he was breathing harder and his dick was getting harder so I knew he was about to come. “Yes baby, its yours. You know its yours. I squeezed my pssy muscles again and his nut filled me up. “Damn baby..shit” His penis thumped In me. He kissed all down my back to my crack of my ass and back up again.

“Merry Christmas baby” He kissed me sucking my tongue and lips.

 That damn Marco. “You’re late.” I said and rolled over.

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