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Power of Networking

This past Sunday I went to a networking event hosted by Filthy Rich Life CEO Annie M (@duchess305) and Shay Johnson @iamshayjohnson from Love and Hip Hop Atlanta


It was at a known strip club, G5 Miami, but there were no naked women or male fake ballers around throwing money. Instead it was a room full of female ballers in a sense, there to promote and expand their businesses. It was refreshing to see women come together to unite and brainstorm on how to make each other prosper, coincidentally in a building which by night, one would think degrades women.

The tables lined around the room, each displaying their goods or services with tons of information. Most vendors had raffles and free giveaways. Many of the culinary vendors offered free samples of their products to taste. Among culinary were fashion boutiques, hairstylists, fitness gurus, writers, bloggers, socialites and on and so forth.

The turnout was pretty good and the information informative for those who truly needed to hear inspiration and tips on how to market your business and encourage growth potential.

I even felt inspired after leaving to dig deep in my conscience to figure out what is it really that I want to do with my life. Creatively, I do love writing and all things literature. However, because I’m passionate about writing, it’s almost emotional for me. (Sometimes) So I tend to scale back some when writing certain pieces. I have thought about venturing into a body product business and have truly given it a lot of thought since the networking event.

The Stigma about Black Women and Business:

Starting a business is already a hard thing to do whether you are man or female. However, women feel the pressure a little more because of the glass ceiling myth. Black women are known to be bitchy, angry, moody etc… In Miami it’s no secret that black women are each other’s worse enemy. A woman can be beautiful inside and out but still will receive dirty looks and eye rolls from other women for no reason at all. Women, black women, are ALWAYS JUDGING each other instead of EMBRACING one another. It may be a south Florida thing, because I can guarantee you in other cities like Atlanta, New York, D.C, those women truly consider themselves  as “sisters”.

This networking event was not without some of those types of women there…but it was mostly filled with sisters, looking to empower one another and eager to come together in the spirit of refusing to be the stereotypes.

I’m glad I had the opportunity to attend and look forward to the next if the host decides to make it annual thing.

Do you any of my subscribers have any thoughts on starting a new business or black women in business?

Enjoy Photos Below from The Event








I played photographer that night, hence why I was not in a lot of photos lol…Shout out to my sister Taneisha Polk of Polkhontas Productions and Single Mother’s Miami….not just a reality show but a movement.

7 thoughts on “Power of Networking

  1. You look great and it looks like an amazing event. I live in Las Vegas where money and business means everything but black business is non existent.. I can probably count on both hands how many black women business owners there are. Most of the city and it’s work/business is overshadowed by the strip and NON are owned by African Americans, let a lone women.

    1. Thank you…I can imagine Las Vegas would be over run by the glitz and glamour of the strip…I really feel it’s important black women stick together and empower each other

  2. I started a photography business a few years ago. It was dismal, because of the lack of support. So, I stopped heartbroken by all the sacrifices I made that landed nowhere. But that’s life… Some win, some lose and there’s no in between. It’s very positive to see these young women overcoming a lot of barriers and stereotypes to become successful career minded businesswomen.

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