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My Rants on Dating, Men and Social Media


Over the last few weeks or so I’ve been getting really aggravated with a few things. Let me start of by saying it doesn’t take much for me to get aggravated because I’m kind of a moody person now a days since my break up. (Don’t judge me I’m dealing with it lol) However I feel these few things I’ve encountered will get on people nerves and aggravate them also. So here goes: 


Social Media Misery 

First there was Black Planet, then MySpace, after that Facebook now Instagram.  Social Media is so dominant in our generation right now; it’s not uncommon to see people at stop lights or in a social setting where you interact with people physically, on their phones. Now days everyone is so consumed with updating their status, taking pictures of their food and posting it, talking about how they feel and what aisle they are on in the grocery store. It’s almost ridiculous of you ask me. I will admit I do post inspirational quotes or a picture of me here and there. But I am in no means addicted or obsessed with it. I know people who post shit (excuse my language) all damn day. In my mind I’m like damn does this person have a job? Can’t be if they are always on their phone. Some things are better left to the imagination. Instagram has gotten way too many people entirely TOO COMFORTABLE. Okay you cooked a nice meal, that’s great. But I do not need to see your empty plate with the bones. Like that is seriously team too much.  I know one person who shall remain nameless, post her status about feeling sad and down and took a picture of herself crying! With actually tears!! In my mind all the sympathy went out the window. Like who the hell takes a picture of themselves crying?? That’s weird!! And don’t get me started on the dudes who are on there. A real hood dude once told me, social media is for women. So he will never ever get a page, “that’s some hoe shit and ain’t nothing hoe about me baby” I don’t feel men should be on Instagram unless they are promoting their business or product. That is all on this matter.


Men who think they have all the sense.

Okay, so there is nothing wrong with a confident man. In fact that is a very attractive trait to me. However, I do not like when men feel like they know ALL the answers when it comes to women. Who died and made you King Tut? This one man I came across a couple of weeks ago, he swore me up and down who knew what it took to keep a woman happy. I said to him every woman is different. What may work for one, will probably not work for the other. It’s all about knowing who and what you are dealing with. Women, though similar in characteristics are wired very differently. At least I know I am.  Because this certain type of man was in a certain type of career field, he was used to women throwing themselves at him. He was in for a very rude and unpleasant surprise when I refused to be one of them. He figured, assuming and making an ass out of himself that I was just like the rest. I’m not easily impressed, and I still haven’t figured out if it’s a good thing or a bad thing. I don’t like when a man throws in my face his successes as if that is supposed to make me get on my knees. I could care less about material possessions because I cannot be bought. But let’s not confuse that with not appreciating nice things. Sigh I could go on about this one forever…


Dating Woes

Sigh!! I’m just over it really. What happened to this actual word? D A T I N G? Nobody wants to date anymore. They just want to f*ck! How can you get into bed with someone without even knowing their last name? I’ve come across 2 types. The dude who meets you and instead of wanting to date you and get to know you he wants to hurry up and be in a relationship with you. He automatically thinks you and him are destined to be together. This is just a ploy to get in your dam panties and he’s playing the relationship card. I’m not saying love at first sight is impossible. But I don’t think ANY relationship should start after a week or two of knowing each other. That’s just insanity to me. The second type of dude you meet instead of dating you, he wants to smash first then maybe get to know you. Sex is important on a list for men. Most don’t want to waste valuable time or money on someone they may or may not get the skins. Combine that with the available women, laying it all out on the table for men, with justifications of “men do it so why not I” there is not much to look forward to while trying to date.

I’m not saying all my dating experiences have been bad. I have come across a few good dudes. They are sprinkled in with the rest. But in all honesty, those good dudes have someone already.

No matter what, I’ve learned everyone always have somebody they are involved with before someone new comes along. No one is ever unattached.


These are just my rants for this week. ..lol


Any thoughts on Social Media, Men who think they know everything, and dating woes??


One thought on “My Rants on Dating, Men and Social Media

  1. I think social media and technology disturbed the concept of dating. I’m very old fashioned, I rather wait for the men to have the balls and the initiative of meeting me even by saying hello. Not all the time have to be the woman. Also, posting every minute how your life goes from waking up to go sleeping on facebook, instagram or any other social media site makes these people media whores. What ever I do in my life is private, I dont need attention from people based on what im doing, what food I’m eating or what clothes I’m wearing, missing out other important issues that has to be addressed. I also think that courtesy, respect and honesty is thrown out of the window in terms of meeting people. And its frustrating at times.

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