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Officially a Tamartian!

Tamar Braxton has made me a believer. I’m going to be honest, on the first season of Braxton Family Values in 2010 I was not a Tamar fan. All of her .com and .org isms were very annoying and I thought she was very over the top. She seemed like she was a little spoiled brat who married a less than attractive man for her own selfish stardom reaching reasons. Like I said I wasn’t a fan. 

But then….Tamar and Vince season 1 came out and it seems as if through those realty cameras I caught a glimpse of the real Tamar. She reminded me so much of myself in some ways. We have a ten year age difference, so I imagine myself where she is when I’m her age.(Which is confident and sure of who she is) She appears to be very caring, giving, loving and determined and focused on her own sense of independence. She knows her husband has money, but she wants her own. She has always wanted to be a star and she makes it very clear that she will work her ass off to get it. As the season progressed and more came to follow, Tamar let the world in on her life and what shaped her to be who she is today. She came from a domestic violence relationship and I immediately identified with her because I have a similar story.  She very in tune with her family and sometimes can get really emotional about her love for them.


As time started to go on, I found myself rooting for Mrs. Braxton-Herbert. Her sense of humor is quirky and her voice AMAZE-BALLS I wanted Vince to put her in the studio, because homegirl can sang her behind off! Even when they were going through their marital problems I stayed glued to Tamar’s side. She’s so freaking HUMBLE. She made me a fan on her personality first and then music second. 


Love and War

Baby let me tell you something. I love a few female artists out there. But Mrs BH album is on repeat. I don’t know what she was going through singing these songs, but it’s like she’s in my soul. I’m going through a very TOUGH breakup and this album is giving me the life I need to get through it, I cry, I scream and sing to the top of my lungs, and Mrs BH has afforded me the opportunity to do so.

My Favorite Songs

1. Pieces. Hands down point blank and the period. Pieces gives me everything I need

If you can’t give me all your love
I don’t want your love
It’s like you threw a curve at me
Can’t you see I’m hurting
Ooh, it’s gonna be hard for me
I know that’s where your heart been,
That I’m where your heart went, tryna let go of you
But I don’t really know if I can do it
Close the door on you
You don’t really wanna see me do it, no

2. All the way Home

3. She Can Have you (Winter’s Lover Album)

I’ll be alone and you that I know you won’t find a better woman
And to tell the truth
She can have you
(She can have you, She can have you)
‘Cause I’ve put up with enough
(She can have you)

4. Hot Sugar (This my lil booty popping song lol)

5. Love and War (When I feel like I’m on American idol I sing the hell out this one)

6. The One

Even if she never makes another album again…I’m gonna always love her for making love and War because it came out right in time for me to transition in to the next phase of my life.


XOXOXXo Kiss (Tamartian)


Enjoy these photos of Tamar and her fam





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