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What do the lonely do at Christmas?

Sigh, it’s that time of year again folks.The holidays seem like they snuck up on us…yet again. So you know what that means you’ll start noticing more and more couples and then the radio will be playing “What do the lonely do at Christmas” by The Emotions (circa 1973).

Tis the season to be jolly
But how can I be when I have nobody
The yuletide carol doesn’t make it better
Knowing that we wont be together

A silent night, I know its gonna be
Joy to the world but its gonna be sad for me

What do the lonely do at Christmas?
Oh, what do the lonely do at Christmas time?


Yep it’s a sad song indeed. But you know what? Who cares lol. I’ll tell  you what the lonely do.

1. Surround themselves with friends and family. You’re not lonely in a house full of people. Trust me.

2. Laugh. Sometimes you have to laugh to keep from crying and I guarantee you’ll feel better.

3. Dress up. Growing up we always had a Christmas outfit. Put that outfit on and get out the house!

4.  Travel. I love to travel, so this year I’m Atlanta bound for the holidays. A change of scenery is always good for the spirits.

5. Eat. Don’t laugh but when you eat some of that good home cooked comfort food, you’ll forget all about Mr. Right. (at least for a while lol)

I haven’t been in a relationship on Christmas in five years. Damn. Did I say that out loud? 😉 

I’m not too sad this year…a little melancholy but nothing a good dose of friends and family can’t fix. Being single is not a death sentence, its a lifestyle choice because you’re aware of what you deserve. And besides there is nothing wrong with dating. You get more gifts that way. 😉

Merry Christmas  XOXOX Kiss


2 thoughts on “What do the lonely do at Christmas?

  1. Lonely is a mind state. We’ve gone through too many break-ups to not know how to deal. Seems as if you’ve found the cure…

  2. 5 Years Single? OMG! I think is better to be with friends and family that loves you in this Christmas Season. Mine is the opposite, I rather be with my husband than being with my dysfunctional family. Friends? There’s no such things as friends these days when it’s a backstabbing or betraying time.

    I wish you find someone that respects, honor and loves you, in the meantime, keep on writing!

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