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Dwyane Wade’s Damage Control Proposal

Okay so let’s just jump all in this tea right here. 

Remember this? 


yeah yeah yeah…When Gabby and Dwayne got engaged everyone was all happy and sending congratulations from miles around. I was giving it a major side eye and let me tell you why. The ring is plain! All that money that was spent on it, and it’s all….diamond. I mean diamonds are nice of course. But there did not look like it was any thought put into this ring to me. The cut is even basic. For as long as Gabby and D-wade have been together he should have came better, that’s all I’m saying. It looked liked a hurry up gift to me. And then…this happened.

The Miami Heat guard reportedly welcomed a baby boy with a mystery woman while he was on a break from his now-fiancée, actress Gabrielle Union. The couple have worked through the unexpected news, and are still excited to get married.


I knew something was up!! You mean to tell me that for 10 months (because that’s how long women are really pregnant) Ms union didn’t know? Yeah right. She knew and his ass damn sure knew. The real tea is Mr wade has impregnated this young lady before and she had an abortion at both their request. Second time around she wasn’t going for it and decided to secure her future and have this baby. I don’t blame her. An abortion is a traumatizing ordeal, and me personally couldn’t imagine going through that twice. From the same man. Especially a man whose worth enough to secure my child’s future. 

No one is going to make me believe that Dwyane and Gabrielle were on a break when this young lady got pregnant. Dwyane Wade is a cheater in my opinion. Point blank and the period. All athletes are. I think it’s in their contract or something lol. I also feel that women who deal with them, (athletes) have accepted that from them. It’s sad but a very realistic thing when dating any type of celebrity man. Sigh!

I think Gabrielle sucked this up like she has done everything else while they were dating. The lies, the cheating, the divorce, the other women, his crazy ass ex wife etc. She’s 41 and he’s 31 and I’m sure she probably feels like, if not now then when? Who else will she date that can compare to him? I mean Lebron is already taken. (Okay that was shade lol) She been here this long she might as well tough it out. I mean but damn, does the good outweigh the bad? I guess so in her case.

I wouldn’t be surprised if OLIVIA POPE had something to do with this. lol Don’t judge me






XOXXO kiss

2 thoughts on “Dwyane Wade’s Damage Control Proposal

  1. Simply put and amen, and break or no break, he didn’t care enough about her to even wear a condom! Was it that good Dewayne, damn!!!

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