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Engagements all Around!

Seems like the end of the year was the time for engagements! The men was feeling like settling down so they followed Mrs. Carter’s instructions and put a ring on it!. The list goes as follows….

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West (________________ <——that’s a flat line. IDK about these two)


Ciara and Future (Ms Cici is in love despite all his baby mama’s lol)


Evelyn Lozada and (allegedly) Carl Crawford (New babym new man, new ring,,I ain’t mad at cha Ev)


Gabrielle Union And Dwyane Wade (ya’ll know how I feel about this one)


and even though already married Tamar and Vince lol ( this was probably her push gift)



Tons of celebrities got married this year as well

Lebron and Savannah (I love this couple even thought I think he cheats *insert kanye shrug*)


Udonis Haslem and his wife…(lord forgive me…she’s very pretty though)


Nene and Greg Leakes (adamngain  all for t.v. I beleive)



Seems like love is in the air people. Now can someone point me in that direction so I can get a whiff?? Lol kidding 



One thought on “Engagements all Around!

  1. Ok… Here’s what I don’t get. They have sex first and then after they have kids they get engaged? What about knowing the person first, close their legs and then get engaged and married. I don’t care about Kim and Kanye, but Gabrielle Union and this loser who fathered a baby from another woman, Union should end this relationship. You can’t fix a cheating bastard that is damaging not only her acting career but her reputation as a woman. It sends a bad signal and example.

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