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New Year, Same Me, Branded Differently.


It took me a while to gather my thoughts for what I wanted to write about for a “new year’s post”. So many different emotions consume me when I speak, write or even think about changes in my life, what I hope to accomplish, my future plans/goals etc.

I think with every new year that passes it comes with its highs and lows. 

The very beginning of 2013, an ex boyfriend of mine from several years ago passed away unexpectedly from heart failure. Chandler Williams III. I took his death hard. Like literally I cried for weeks. I just felt so bad for his family, his wife, his daughter. I think in a way, because I’ve never experienced death before, I didn’t really know how to handle it. Prayer really helped me get through that difficult time for sure. I kept replaying our short time together way back when he was my new bae and I was his boo. Life is not promised and what I’ve gathered from his passing is to give flowers to loved ones while they are still here. Time waits for no man.


Chandler and I in 2007

My love life was all over the place in 2013. I dated a few people but nothing extremely serious because my heart belonged to someone not so deserving. I truly learned the meaning of soul ties. It’s a spiritual thing and it takes time to break those chains away. When you come to grips with what you really deserve, most of the time you talk yourself out of it. At least I did. I’ve talked myself out of a lot of blessings with self doubt. This particular relationship took a toll on me, mentally, physically, and emotionally. But I’m happy to say I survived it unscathed and look forward to just that, moving FORWARD.


On a positive note, I was able to be a little more financially free to do some things I’ve never done before in the past. Whether traveling, or just buying myself clothes without wondering like damn I shouldn’t have brought that. LOL. It’s a wonderful feeling to be able to treat yourself ever now and then.


Me in cold @$$ NYC! in January!





I did switch careers from an extremely stressful job that had me in tears every day, to a laid back position with a good company that even paid me more! Shortly thereafter, was promoted to a higher position which was even better.


My days as a front desk clerk were numbered!

With my new career, I was able to focus more on writing, hence this blog and my upcoming novel. (that I’m still trying to drag myself to complete).


Extremely excited on my first day!

My goals for this new year is simply to keep it smooth but to step outside my comfort zone a little bit when it comes to my brand. I’m known to be shy so I’m still working on that. I joined a new social group called Beautiful Brown Girls Brunch Club with my close friend, so I’m really excited about that! I hope to take my writing to new heights this year and looking to freelance write on blog sites, magazines, columns etc. 

As for my love life, well I think I’m going to let that play itself out.

I did promise to love myself this year more than I’ve ever allowed myself to before. Self love is the best love right?

Happy New Year!

Me and Nicole on New Year’s Eve



Decided to go short for the new year!!


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