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Are you Being Mary Jane??

Last night I had the pleasure of watching my celebrity look a like Ms. Gabrielle Union star in her first made for tv drama “Being Mary Jane”.  I was captured and intrigued by the first hour last year when the show first premiered and could not wait to see how the writers and producers followed through.

Mary Jane Paul is a beautiful, successful woman, who has everything except and but of a course, a man to call her own. Sound familiar ladies? She thought she found Mr. Right but instead he turned out to be married with a family. Sigh! He kept insisting he did not mean to hurt her and how much he loved her. Don’t they always though?

So of course she retracts back to an old ex who did her wrong in the past, like we women are known to do. 

One would think that a woman like Mary Jane would have it all together, mentally and emotionally when it came to dating. But it is very clear she is just like me. Longing for true love and someone to call her own without the bullshit that dating puts us through. I was surprised when she went back to the married man, after running into him in the gym and they had some extremely hot steamy sex in the bathroom. Whew! Lust maybe?

Did I fail to mention that her love interest Omari Hardwick is fine as hell? Jesus Christ I could barely keep my eyes focused on the other characters because I kept fantasizing….lol.

So my questions to my readers…

Have you ever been cheated on?

Have you ever knowingly slept with a married man?

Have you ever just had casual sex with an ex?

For me yes, no not married but knew he had a girlfriend, and yes.

Damn this is why my name is BEING HERSHYKISS lol


3 thoughts on “Are you Being Mary Jane??

  1. I think I used to find the wrong guy at the wrong places for the wrong reasons. I believe we have to overcome the label of mistresses, sluts, and convert ourselves to wives, mothers. I love your blog but to be honest, as I reached 40 and if I have been treated differently, it would be different circumstances. We all search for love and acceptance, but for Black Women is always a struggle and a warzone.

  2. I definitely agree with you Ms. Farlane, I think the show Scandal has made most women idolize and accept the role of mistresses regardless of what we’ve been taught growing up, and BMJ is making most women accept far less than we need to, even if we are successful and seem like we have it all together like Mary jane does. But the truth to the matter is, this is really happening. This is a sad reality for most black women. It’s just being broadcasted. Hopefully, we can see our reflection on these TV screens and vow to do and be better.

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