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2nd Novel Sneek Peek

I’m working on a chapter from my upcoming book, gonna post it soon…but to let you know it is EROTICA….meaning SEX. So don’t feel offended or embarrassed. lol



Chapter 1


I was in heaven. My mind was focused on an eruption about to explode in my pelvis. Luscious lips kissing and sucking me in my most intimate part had me feeling I was on way to meet my maker at any given lick. Did I mention I was in heaven? This form of heaven was 6’5, mocha skin, solid build, and long sweet dreads that smelled of milk and honey.  This man god had me speaking in tongues.

“Come for me Lo” he said.

“Mhmmm-“. My moans answered him. I felt it. That rush of anticipation coming down from my back out to my clitoris. It was painfully intense. I was trying to hold it back, but my man god had other plans. He somehow found my love nub and was sucking it ever so gently. That was my kryptonite. How did he know what I liked? Slow, gentle head always made me lose my mind. My left leg starting twitching, here it is.

“Aaaaaaaahh ooohhh Shit.”. I cursed violently. It took several minutes for me to catch my breath.  When I came to, my man god was kissing my feet.

“I’m still hungry Lo.”

Damn. This man had an appetite.

I woke up from my intense dream, alarm ringing in my ears, pillow between my legs clamped shut. My pussy was still throbbing as if my dream was real. I rose from my bed, quieted my alarm and proceeded to the shower. Not looking forward to another day of work. At work I had to face him. In my dreams he was my man god.  In reality he was Chase Porter, Executive Director of Marketing at my new advertising job in Miami. Fraternization was off limits at work so I was free to daydream and imagine. I was sure the feeling was mutual due to the fact that on my first day at work, the hiring manager introduced me to everyone; I felt that energy from him. You know the type of energy when a man is attracted to you but is trying to maintain his sense of control.

“Everyone this is London Chambers. She just transferred from the branch in Atlanta as our newly appointed designer. She has tons of experience and we hope she improves our numbers with her expertise. Make her feel welcome!” One by one the execs in the room introduced themselves and welcomed me to the firm. After all I was fresh meat.  When Chase came up to me, he extended his hand and I felt electricity.

“Hi London, my name is Chase Porter. I’m the director for this department. You and I will be working closely together since we have a number of projects on the rise. How do you like Miami so far?”

I barely heard his question. I was captivated by his baritone voice, looking at his sweet full lips.

I cleared my throat. “Oh I like it. It’s different, very warm. Tropical.” I smiled.

“Yeah it’ll take some getting used too. I’m sure Atlanta is different.”  I examined Chase Porter. He was easily 6’4 or maybe even 6’5. He had smooth milk chocolate skin; his goatee was trimmed in a neat little square. His locks were pulled back, but you could tell he kept them up. They were rich and healthy looking. His teeth were the whitest of white, and his eyes were captivating. Chocolate brown eyes shielded by long ebony lashes. When he blinked I felt like the wind was being knocked out of me.

That was six months ago. The dreams started about three months after that.

Okay so granted it had been several months since I had any and hell I was long overdue. But with this new job and trying to adjust to the Miami lifestyle, I couldn’t even remember to feed myself some nights, let alone entertain someone to fulfill my sexual desires.

I got ready for the day, turning on Channel 7 news, and plugging in my juicer. I opened the stainless steel refrigerator and got out 2 apples, some sliced pineapples, kale, cucumber and a pear.

I heard buzzing and saw my Iphone lighting up with my best friend’s cell number.

“Hey girl” I said glad to hear a familiar voice.

“Hey LoLo how’s everything? You got you some yet? LOL” she sounded more excited than I was.

“Damn girl is that all you think is sex? I’m starting to think you and Justin ain’t getting it in lol”

Michelle and I had been best friends since grade school. We walked home together every day and did the typical things little girls turning into teenagers would do. Sneaking out the house, smoking weed, trying out for step team, we even lost our virginity on the same day. No one knew me better than my girl. We even pledged the same sorority in college. She was truly my sister.

“Yeah yeah whatever don’t worry bout me and my man I’m laying it down in the bedroom. Only reason I asked is because your ass needs to get broke off! What has it been like 5 months since you had any good loving? And your little treasure chest of toys don’t count.”

I sighed. “Why are you all in my sex life like that?! Actually it’s been 7 months. But don’t worry about it. I’m good.”

She laughed. “Girl I been knowing ya freaky ass since 6th grade. You my friend cannot live without the dick! Especially the long brown thick ones. So save your I’m good speech for the next one!  I’m just looking out for you! I know how you get when you’re in a drought. You start snapping and twitching. I’m surprised you lasted this long!” she said cracking up.

She had a point there. There was a time when I had sex at least 2x a week. I had one guy for when I wanted some good slow head. Anthony was his name. He would eat my pussy for hours on end and never once put his dick inside me. I think he got off just watching me get off.  I could count on at least 5 or 6 orgasms from him for sure.

Then there was Derrick. Derrick was my rough neck. Our foreplay was intense and the sex was hard and rough. He was a hood nigga with some good dick but also 4 baby mothers.

Lastly, there was Marcus. Marcus was my all around good guy. The sex was decent but nothing exciting or earth shattering. I called on him when I wanted to cuddle and wanted company, and would end up taking the dick from him.

“Whatever! I’m not in a drought, just in a selection period ok? Besides this is a new city. You know Miami is one of the cities where the Aids and HIV count is high. So I’m just choosing. In the meantime my dildos will have to do”

“Yeah yeah I hear you talking” she said.

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