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Single Mother’s Miami

Hey Everyone! Check out some photos and a quick synopsis from an upcoming reality show that I have the pleasure of working on as Creative Writer!

Single Mother’s Miami


Single Mother’s Miami is an upcoming reality show focusing on the lives of 5 women living in a metropolitan city raising their children. Being a single mother is hard, unfortunately it is the epidemic that plagues our community at a rapid rate. Watch as these five women, balance being both mother and father to their children all while pursuing their dreams, maintaining their careers, exploring new love, expanding friendships and strengthening family.

In My Opinion: 

This show is going to change the dynamics of reality television. Aren’t we all tired of seeing women tearing each other down, throwing glasses and bottles, neck popping and twerking? I have long ago stopped Watching Basketball Wives, Bad Girls Club and even Love and Hip Hop. It’s like a train wreck we can’t peel our eyes away from. I’m looking forward to positive influences on the  TV screen, with realistic issues average daily women face while trying to raise their children.

Taneisha “Polk”  


Lina Hill 



Single mother of two children






Any thoughts on this upcoming show or just thoughts on reality television period?


6 thoughts on “Single Mother’s Miami

  1. I’m going to be honest about it. Honestly I don’t watch TV. I rather watch Netflix, Hulu or other channels because there’s no good quality when it comes to watch television these days. I don’t like so-called reality TV because one: It’s not real. Two: It’s just about drama queens denigrating and humiliating themselves with no moral or ethical values for the sake of gaining their 15 minutes of fame. Three: Sadly, Black Women acting “Ghetto” make the rest of Black Women a bad name.

    The idea of single mothers as a reality show it’s the same ol’ message that being a single mother isn’t bad as it used to decades ago and other women should imitate from it. The same thing happened with “Teen Mom.” As for me, it doesn’t identify at all because first I never had the blessing of having a kid because I’m infertile. And on the other hand, it would be best if some independent network would produce shows that not inspire but elevate Black women moral and self esteem. By all the pics, I’m still not convinced. It was better if the women on your show post themselves casual photos with their kids. And if I keep speaking my mind, I think my brain will melt. Anyway, congrats on your project and please, don’t obey the mainstream media.

    1. Thank you for your feedback Ms.Farlane.

      I do agree with your insight on “Black television” and especially with reality t.v.

      However, where we can respectfully dis-agree is the statement “The idea of single mothers as a reality show it’s the same ol’ message that being a single mother isn’t bad as it used to decades ago and other women should imitate from it. ”

      I think this show will prove to others that this is not okay. These women have stories that have put them in situations where they did not want to become a single mother, but was forced to. Either by rape, or divorced and the husband left, some even have fathers they fell in love with but disregarded them when they got pregnant. I think people are putting this show in the other categories, because it’s ethnic women. My goal as a writer on the show, is to make this as less stereotypical as possible. No they will not be fighting, no glass throwing, no neck popping none of that mess. But showing true battles with being a single mother. Raising boys into men. playing both mother and father in the home etc. What we are going to depict in this show, is that being a single mother IS NOT OKAY, and hopefully their stories will empower women to think twice.

      as always Ms. Farlane love your feedback and appreciate yyour support

      xoxox kiss

      1. Thanx for your reply. I would give a try and watch the show. Can you post a sneak peek of your show to let the viewers know specially on youtube?

      2. Yes of course they are actually wrapping up filming their trailer. Should be released in a few weeks. I will definitely post when I receive it.

      3. Awesome! Let me know about the whole thing. The whole thing is that sadly I don’t have cable but I hope your show will enrich and motivate Black Women in the US.

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