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“The Double Standard”


So I came across a few articles about “the double standard” between men and women and wanted to jump on my soapbox and give my 2 cents.

The most well known double standard is the sexual double standard; a man can have sex as much as he wants, but a woman who has sex a lot or frequently and with different partners will be viewed as a hoe.

In 2014, there are male whores. I’m personally turned off by the thought of men sleeping with multiple women, just as I’m sure “some” men feel that way about us women as well. Unfortunately or fortunately in some cases, we don’t walk around with scarlet numbers burned to our foreheads. With the AIDS/HIV epidemic at disgustedly high numbers, I would hope that most of us (especially minorities) are practicing safe sex.

The number doesn’t really matter as long as you’re both healthy. When I say it doesn’t matter, this is how my mind breaks it down. As a man, would you rather have sex with a girl whose has had sex with 3 different guys in one year, each of them maybe about 3 times. So total, she’s had sex 9 times that year. Versus having sex with a girl who was in a committed relationship most of the year with 1 man and had sex 3 times every week. 3×52=156. She’s had sex 156 times in one year. So whose vajayjay do you think is more desirable?

If men are thinking that they wouldn’t want to have sex with women who has high mileage because they may be “ran through” physically, consider the source.

However, if the person (male or female) has sex for a living (think prostitution) then that is something totally different and beyond reproach.

In my opinion, keep your number to yourself. In the words of Color Purple “bet not tell nobody but God!”


What are your thoughts?

Does the number of sexual partners matter to you when dating?

Would you rather not know?

Most importantly, do you do require a sexual health screening before sleeping with someone?

For me, I’m extremely selective so I rather not know and won’t ask your number of partners, but will inquire about STDs and such. I believe in practicing safe sex, and if I should feel comfortable to engage in bare sex ,then we should get tested together.



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