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Ankara Miami Fashion Show Event 2/22/14

This is my first post about a fashion show experience and I’m excited that I was selected to be apart of Ankara Miami media’s coverage team.

I did some research on what Ankara means and it’s basically it’s a well known West African fabric.

Ankara Miami mission is to promote progressive people and trends within the African Diaspora. It was started and founded by the beautiful Evelyn Onyejuruwa (Miss Nigeria Florida 2011-2012).

The fashion show is one of many events that Ankara Miami features. They are known for their  social and financial contributions to entities including the African Heritage Cultural Arts Center, HANDY, Inc., Nigerian American Foundation, and Embrace Music Foundation. Its year- round events have included toy drives, networking mixers, and consulting & sponsorship for other African- related events.  The fashion showcased emerging and established designers from the African Diaspora and their use of Ankara and African prints in mainstream Western fashion.

This year’s featured designers were Ankara Fashions, Adjanie, B. Chris Couture, Modella B., Rare Honey, Nicetrads and my personal favorite from the night, Wamuiru Couture

During the show we were engrossed in language lesson and captivated by the poetic lines.


Ankara also presented a donation check to Honey Shine Inc. A mentoring program for young girls whose mission is to encourage the balance of mind, body and soul by providing nurturing experiences that enlighten their paths and empower their future.


Our host Chello Davis kept us entertained throughout the night with his undeniable humor and playful competitive audience participation.


This was my first ever West African inspired fashion show. All of the designers created pieces that I could definitely picture myself in, whether formal event wear or day to day office or lounge wear. I think in the black community, we get so caught up in labels we lose ourselves in trying to impress others. Mainstream designers do not have an invested interest in our culture, only in mass production to increase their financial worth. With so many replicas of the same thing, and even with history repeating itself, we often look like monopolized individuals with the same outfit on. What’s wrong with standing out and embracing our culture? I will most certainly look into incorporating Ankara into my lifestyle and clothing selections going forward.

I took so many videos of the actual show, I have limited photos but here a re a few:

20140222_205251 20140222_220115

20140222_193157 20140222_220604 20140222_212709

Check out this photo from me in my younger years in my Ankara inspired outfit for a Black History play I participated in.  I had to dig this up lol!


Please feel free to research Ankara Miami for more information on their website ankaramiami.com and also their Facebook page. Facebook.com/AnkaraMiami


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