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So your “friend” calls your man a B****, now what?



Okay so in case you missed this past Sunday’s episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta….Nene Leakes accused Peter Thomas of being a b**** or maybe having b**** like tendencies….jury’s still out on that one.



I usually don’t post about reality show drama, however this specific confrontation sparked a debate between a few women with different opinions. 

What do you do when your friend confronts your spouse? Male or Female?

In my personal opinion, Mrs. Leakes was dead a** wrong. Dead wrong until you cannot get any more dead. The fact of a woman in a man’s face is disgusting to me, it’s not lady like at all and though wrong, Peter would have had every right to fire back at her.

However, I’m more concerned at Cynthia’s lack of input in that situation. One would say “Well what is she supposed to do? I would let my husband fight his own battles”  And then another would say “I would have had to beat Nene a** that day, friend or no friend”

Me personally, would have liked to see Cynthia at least step in and be the peace maker or draw the line. Something along the lines of  “Okay, wait a minute now, there is no need for name calling. We will have to re-visit this conversation a little later”

But because Cynthia didn’t do or say ANYTHING…is just shocking to me. Is she scared of Nene? 



In friendships, we all have had that friend who we didn’t approve of their spouse or whomever they were dating. They were all the dogs, mf’ers, bastards and such in our minds and maybe even possibly behind our beloved friends back. Just out of RESPECT we never or should have never said that to them in their face. The most they will get is an eye roll or two, but even that is un-called for.

So what do you do when your friend confronts your spouse? Do you defend him or sit and watch from the sidelines??


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One thought on “So your “friend” calls your man a B****, now what?

  1. Thank god I don’t watch that show. These are NOT women. Women wouldn’t disrespect another person or in this case the husband. At least the guy have self control in the matter otherwise, there will be punches, throws and kicks. And then these so-called women complain “why he hit me.” I rather not confront them, I let the police know followed by a lawsuit.

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