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Dark Skin is Finally Considered Beautiful!

Dark Skin is Finally Considered Beautiful!

I am so honored as a dark skin black woman, to see dark skin models considered BEAUTIFUL in today’s society. It took forever for the world to catch up on what we already knew or should have known for that matter. These women are beyond beautiful!

3 thoughts on “Dark Skin is Finally Considered Beautiful!

  1. Ok, I know, I know I must be feeling proud of that “accomplishment” but doesn’t suppose that society, media consider Black Women Beautiful forever? I mean, Black women were a fad in the 70’s, 90’s and it’s starting in 2014. I think we deserve more than being a on and off fad. Still, I don’t believe their concept since the majority is for Caucasians. If Black Women were beautiful we wouldn’t be settle for less, being treated like crap and denigrated to an humiliated extent. We would be treated with honest respect. I honestly don’t read magazines for that matter.

    1. Thank you for your feedback Ms.Farlane.

      I do think black women should be celebrated more as “Beautiful” consistently instead of an “on and off” fad. However, a leopard will change anything but its spots. That being said, black people in general will never be the “in” thing in today’s society. Sad but true reality. I’m just happy a darker woman is gracing the cover. Even if it’s just for the moment. We can add that to our 40 acres and a mule. 😉

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