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7 Movie Titles your Relationship SHOULD be Synonymous with….

We all dream of the perfect relationship that we see in the movies right? It’s not really our reality but it’s always nice to dream. If we should happen to luck up on Mr. or Mrs. Right, I think these titles should definitely match what you desire your mate or relationship to be.

1. The Best Man

The movie had a lot of drama, but I can’t get over Lance & Mia’s chemistry and true love. I want my future man to be “The Best Man” . Despite any trials and tribulations, I want to be able to determine that through everything, he was “the best man” for me.


2. Brown Sugar

Okay I did think Taye Diggs & Sanaa Lathan’s chemistry was off  in this movie, but I love the concept of friends becoming lovers. However as it relates to me, Brown Sugar would describe my mates complexion. It’s no secret I love a dark skinned man. Something about it just screams masculinity to me. I love chocolate and want to make brown sugar babies lol!


3. Love Jones

My ultimate favorite movie hands down. I love the love, the dynamics, and the intensity between Nina & Darius. Love Jones means an attraction for someone; you’re feigning for them in every way…physically and mentally. I absolute want to feign for my man in all ways so I definitely would want Love Jones to describe my future relationship.


4. The Wood


Sex is very important in a relationship, so I’m twisting  the title “The Wood” to mean my mate is considerable blessed in the package department. However; a big package is not for everyone.  Something that is made specifically for me. 😉


5. Do The Right Thing

The goal of dating is marriage right? So “Do the right thing” and make it official! No sense in playing house. Marriage should always be the finish line of courtship.


6.  Boomerang

My second time all time favorite movie. The reality of this movie was so accurate to today’s dating scene even though created in 1996. Man meets two attractive women, chooses to go for the most openly sexual one, but really has chemistry and connection with the most subtle beautiful one.  Eventually, he ‘s like a boomerang, coming back to the one who’s perfect for him.  Although we may not want a relationship where we are chosen 2nd, what really matters is we were chosen. Well…I guess I still have to make some sense out of that one lol.


7. Higher Learning


I know you might think I’m reaching with this one. But hear me out. Isn’t it just an awesome feeling when you can learn and grow from your relationship? Your new mate is supposed to take you to new heights; spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. Learning things from one another is an awesome way to make your relationship to blossom.  Quincy learned from Dasia the power of education and using his mind to beat the system instead of his anger. Their love story albeit fictional, was intoxicating.

16 thoughts on “7 Movie Titles your Relationship SHOULD be Synonymous with….

  1. “You know I’m tired of men talking about love like it’s some kind of disease you just catch. LOVE should have brought your ass HOME last night.” – Boomerang

  2. Alright Hersheykiss. FInally I get around to dropping a comment on this.
    Good spin off. I’m digging it.
    My favorites on your list are Boomerang, The Best Man and Love Jones. Three movies I can watch repeatedly without them ever getting stale.
    Love Jones was by far the most honest and realistic of the three in my opinion. Unspoken love resulting in assumptions and decisions that nearly destroy the relationship. But they persevered.

    10 Movie Titles You Wouldn’t Want To Be Synonymous With Your Relationship

    1. Yesssss… If I could just transform into Nina Mosley in the 90s ..my life would be complete!

      You always want what you want when you want it
      Why is everything so urgent with you?

      Let me tell you something
      This here, right now, at this very moment
      That’s all that matters to me
      That’s urgent like a motherfucker…

      *end scene*

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