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Beautiful Brown Girl Weekend

I had a great time this weekend doing the most important thing I’ve ever learned; LIVE LIFE! I celebrated a friend’s party, supported another fellow small business owner, and attended my fabulous monthly Beautiful Brown Girl brunch.

This weekend I became very inspired and have decided to finalize my brand, and I hope to make it official by September of this year. (fingers crossed)

My small business selling undergarment pieces will grand open on June 1st and I am super excited to gain the experience of being an owner and achieving more insight on how to run a successful company.

I have so many plans on trying to live my best life I can only hope I am mentally prepared for the blessings that are about to flow from above.

I know God saves and he spares, as I witnessed a HORRIBLE accident this weekend. 😦

I felt compelled or felt the spirit over me to see about the passengers in the accident and to make sure they were okay. I am not a saint by any means, but I put my hands on this stranger and prayed and just thanked God for his grace and his mercy. We are  (I know I am) such walking examples of his grace.

More posts to come soon all about my business! Enjoy these photos.

20140517_000835 20140517_000524 20140517_000459 20140517_022132 20140517_000847 20140517_142037 20140517_142048 20140518_165903 20140518_165918

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