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Can a Side Chick be your Main Friend??

It seems as if in 2014 the words “Side Chick” became so common, every show, reality based or not, have had some sort of mention of the infamous topic. Side chicks have been around for years (hence Monica Lewinski or even Camilla Parker-Bowles) but it is now in his day and age, that they have found their voice along with a sort of personal validation that comes with the term.



I posed the question, to a group of girl friends this weekend, “Could you be friends with a woman who knowingly sleeps with married men? A side chick?” The answers were varied.

From an older married woman:

No. I do not think that I could be friends, close friends or even associates with someone who can ultimately be the demise of marriage and family. I think that being a side chick is the lowest of the low, and while no sin is greater than the other, adultery is still very wrong.

From a younger married woman:

I do not judge anyone on their path in life. I think if she openly admits that she “only dates or sleeps” with married or involved men, that would be an issue for me. I don’t think we could be friends. I would not call someone like that my friend but rather someone I know.

From a single divorced woman:

I think that being a side chick can happen many ways, you can meet a man and he deceives you into believing he is available when in actuality he is not. Then you look up a year later, you’ve fallen for this man, and fell into this side chick position. It can happen to any of us. Happened to me. So what is a woman to do? Leaving is easier said than done. If i had a friend like this, I would not judge her because it can happen to anyone of us.

From a single side chick:

I often asked myself this question plenty of times. Would my friends judge me for sleeping with a married man? Would my married friends look at me differently and not want me around their husbands? Being a side chick was not something I aspired to be. I fell in love with a man and didn’t discover he was involved with someone until 2 years into what we had. I stayed. I figured, hey she lived out of town and he was with me 99% of the time. Then she moved here. I still stayed. Then they had a baby while I was coaxed into an abortion, I still stayed. Then they got married. I got angry and left for a while. I was hurt but I was a damn fool in love. He came around with empty promises of trying to make it work for the both us, when it was really just to his benefit. I stayed for a while. Then that too got old. so yes, I would be friends with a side chick, depending on her circumstances. Birds of feather often do flock together.


What about you? Could you be friends with a woman who knowingly sleeps with a married or involved man?


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9 thoughts on “Can a Side Chick be your Main Friend??

  1. Ehhh…
    If we were good friends before she became the side chick I would have to step away from that friendship until the relationship ended.

    If we had just met…I don’t think I could.

    My friends are in many sense a reflection of my values.

      1. Yes. It’s not me being snotty. They may very well be good people. But I don’t think I could be friends with someone who I knew was doing something I am very much against.

  2. It doesn’t matter who sleeps or not. I met some who cheated on their boyfriends or have one night stands and still they’re good people. I rather have ’em in my “circle” than a bunch of snotty hypocrites.

      1. “still they’re good people.”

        I don’t think people should be judged on what they do in their private life, just because people make bad choices, or choices we ourselves would not have made, doesn’t take away from them as a whole…

        So I see what you meant when you said that lol

      2. Thanx. I just woke up… But you got it all right. I’m kinda strange when it comes to get friends. I mean, they’re good people, I really don’t care about their private life, sometimes I gave them advise and it’s their choice if they choose it or not. 🙂

  3. I don’t think I would be able to befriend someone could lie to someone she “cares” about so easily. If she lies to her boyfriend who she is supposed to be in a committed relationship with. What stops her from lying to you when you are just a friend?

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