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NBA 2014 FINALS RECAP for the Ballerific Chick

So nothing is worse, than saying you want the ballerific life but don’t know the ballers or anything about them. Recently I had a conversation with a friend who swore me up and down that the Miami Heat were playing the “Dallas” Spurs. Umm no boo boo..you’re in the wrong sport. It’s San Antonio for those who probably still didn’t know.

Since it’s the Finals in the NBA let’s do a brief recap so we can all at least know what we’re talking about when we’re out at a sports bar, trying to impress a potential mate or even just for our own knowledge.

Miami Heat vs San Antonio Spurs

Heat Starters:

Lebron James – Small Forward   (LBJ is trying to get his 3rd ring ever since he took his talents to “South Beach”)

Dwayne Wade– Shooting Guard (Has had some knee trouble this season, but still comes through. Working on ring #4. Excludes Gabby Union)

Rashard Lewis – Power Forward (Previously played for Orlando Magic…his 3 point shots are what is keeping us in the game)

Mario Chalmers – Point Guard (Young aggressive player, next season if the big three split, he’s most likely also)

Chris Bosh – Center (Inconsistent sometimes but still an overall good player. Makes ugly faces when he scores)

Honorable Mention: Ray Allen (always and will forever be Jesus Shuttlesworth, 3 point shot is unmatched in the league)



Spurs Starters

Center: Tiago Splitter

Power forward: Tim Duncan (Been in the league since 1997, most likely will retire after this series)

Small forward: Kawhi Leonard

Shooting guard: Danny Green

Point guard: Tony Parker (Ex husband of Eva Longoria, from France, good player)

Honorable Mention Manu Ginóbili: (Impressive shooting guard, blad spot is distracting though)

Currently the series is at 2:1 with San Antonio in the lead.

It’s a tough series but a good game with defense is always better than a blow out.


Tips to remember when out watching a game:

Don’t Bite Off More Than You Can Chew

There is nothing more annoying than a female who acts like she knows what she is talking about but really has no clue in the world. Men are trying to enjoy this basketball game with series championship implications and you’re over here talking about, “They are stupid for not going for the two point conversion after that free throw.” You may think it’s cute, but in reality you just look 50 shades of stupid.

Don’t Ask Too Many Questions

Men don’t have time to break down every play to you and educate you on the rules as they go. This must be done before or after the game. Why? Because the minute they turn their heads to tell you why Lebron shoots so much they miss somebody getting dunked on. Yes, they can watch the highlight later but that’s not the point. They missed it LIVE. We didn’t have that chance to yell out “GAHHHHHH DAAAAAAAMMMNNN” as Lebron James punched it on some unsuspecting victim.

Hope this helps ladies!!






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