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Question of the Week: Ask Kiss

I received an email from one of my blog supporters a while back and he posed a question to me that took some time to think about. I decided to share my answer with my other blog supporters with hopes to receive some insight from other perspectives.

I’ll post questions weekly or as they come with my responses.



Question: Would you date a man with children?


My Answer: Ideally, the answer would be I wouldn’t want to, because I don’t have any children yet, and I have/had this idea of my first being his first also.  However I am not against it. Realistically speaking, everyone has kids, it’s normal in this day and age. As long as he doesn’t have 5 kids 3 baby mamas I would date him.I’m usually not attracted to that type of man  anyway.  I am attracted to a certain type of man and that is a man of maturity, dignity, depth, intensity, passionate and so on…A man who embodies these characteristics usually makes a great father.

So would I? Yes I would if he was worth it  and if he’s open to having one more lol.




3 thoughts on “Question of the Week: Ask Kiss

  1. I agree to an extent…the jury is still out on if I would if they came from a baby mamma type deal.

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