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My Fourth of July Celebration

I try not to post too much of my personal life on my blog, but I had such a good weekend with my family in Atlanta that I’m compelled to share my photos.

Family is God’s precious gift to his children and I am so lucky to be apart of this one.

Fresh off the plane


Getting ready to go out in the Atlanta streets…

20140703_231159  20140703_231316

Not before a few selfies of course…


And Usies…photo bombed by my Kayla Wayla

20140703_231416 20140703_231440  20140703_231945

4th of July BBQ ready





20140704_144222 20140704_145711


A serious conversation in the living room lol


20140704_175327 20140704_175340(0) 20140704_175340


My beautiful mommy


Mommy and Grandma



Me and my Favorite Cousin


Stacey and Sherri


My only brother in the world 

20140704_200547  20140705_145203

My Cousin Stacey the new Nurse20140705_165042


Seafood Fest

20140705_175914 \


Brunch with my Favorite 3 

20140706_134038 20140706_134353

Love My family




20140706_135328 20140706_142028



 Michael Kors Twins


One thought on “My Fourth of July Celebration

  1. It’s such a blessing having a family that truly love and helps one another. Their honesty and their love is encrusted in these photos. By the way, I love your braids and I wish I have those too… too bad I live in a Redneck small town… 😦 Anyway, Happy 4th!

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