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What is your Pocketbook Worth?


No ladies, not that over sized Michael Kors bag on your shoulder or that obnoxious (but very fashionable) leather MCM bag you’re currently rocking. I’m speaking of your “other” pocketbook. You know, the one between your legs that your big mama or auntie told you to never let anyone see it or touch it without permission.  What’s the price tag on it these days? Are you on the sales rack? Or perhaps you’ve found yourself on the clearance aisle with numerous red tags stuck to you.

There is a woman at my job who brags about how her babydaddy/boyfriend/splackavellie/whatever gives her good loving every single night. She can barely contain her excitement when she speaks of the multiple orgasms she gives him back to back. Sounds like a winner right? Wrong. Because everyday at 5:00 p.m. when she leaves, she’s either walking to the bus stop to catch her bus home or even worse, waiting for him to pick her up in his brand new 2014 Camaro. (Which is maybe once every 2 weeks) and he’s always LATE. 

So let me get this straight, you bang buddy every night or almost every night, YET you catch the bus home, or even when he does remember to pick you up he’s not on time? Where does this make sense? 

So this got me to wondering…

Before we get to jumping and screaming about how she should have her own (cue Ne-yo’s Ms. Independent) let’s break down the logistics. It’s no secret women equate giving up the goods in exchange for something. No woman ever wants to feel like she is having sex for free. I’m just being honest. So what is your pocketbook worth?

How many times have you or a friend of yours hit a rough a patch, maybe an unexpected expense came up this month, (new tire or something car related) and you’re a little strapped for cash. Could you go to the man your sleeping with and ask for some money until things smooth over? Would you pay him back? 

Are there financial demands that are requirements once you start sleeping with someone? Or even before?

I believe every man pays for sex. It just really depends on the woman. Some women, require dates, and quality time before they give up the goods. Other women require much much more. I’m talking rent money, lavish gifts, expensive trips. 

I think for some women (myself included) carry the mindset of, if it doesn’t work out at least I received a few perks.

Who wants a wet @$$ and a DRY purse? No ma’am.

Catch this shade and sip this tea.

So what’s your price? 

XOXOXO hershykisswordpress.com




3 thoughts on “What is your Pocketbook Worth?

  1. Great Post! Black women these days have to prioritize their self-esteem to the fullest before starting a relationship and set their boundaries. It’s unfortunate that many think that sex is important while their singlehood are still plastered around their foreheads. It’s about how much are valued in society, and how men treat their women. Sex should come secondary once the man settles with the woman in terms of marriage. It’s sad that many Black Women can’t experience their wedding day, but yet experience so many headaches, conflicts and issues.

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