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Smooth Sounds with Soul Centric Miami

This past weekend I attended Soul Centric Miami which is a montage of live music, comedy, and spoken word. The atmosphere was amazing and it definitely puts you in the mind of  “Love Jones”.  I am so glad South Florida is starting to have more grown and sexy events. 

The headliner performer for the night was a lovely singer “Lavie” She is AMAZING! Her sound reminds me of Chrisette Michele with a Jill Scott twist. However, she still has her own flavor and her stage presence is phenomenal. She was accompanied by 2 background singers whose voices were very smooth and complimented her. I mostly enjoyed her original song and look forward to hearing more from her.  

Check out my photos and be sure to check out Soul Centric Miami which showcases once per month.

Instagram: @SoulCentricMiami

Instagram: LavieMusic






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