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In the light of the recent video surfacing of former Ravens football player Ray Rice physical attacking his wife, much debate has been tossed around all over social media.

I wasn’t going to comment, however my disdain for domestic violence prevents me from staying quiet. 

The video is DESPICABLE. Ray Rice is seen, spitting on his then fiance’ multiple times, then eventually punching her full force in the face. And as if that wasn’t the worse part, he is then seen dragging her lifeless body through the elevator doors, with absolutely no regard, tapping her with his foot. 

It is then when other hotel patrons and security comes to her aid, that Janay comes out of her unconscious state.

Shortly a month later the two wed. In my opinion, in an attempt to save face and salvage his reputation and career.  

I feel sorry for her. Domestic Violence is not okay. Since the video footage has been released, his now wife has released statement vowing to stand by her man a midst the social media nightmare they have been going through. Girl BYE! 

I am a by product of a marriage filled with Domestic Violence and the pain is unbearable that is sometimes everlasting.


I am satisfied with the NFL’s decision to ban him from the league indefinitely as well as the Ravens decision to terminate his contract with their organization.


Ray Rice must be held accountable for his actions. Just like any other individual in careers that demand the compliance regarding proper moral and ethical practices.  Teachers, politicians, athletes, and anyone in an executive position has a duty to uphold the image of the company they represent. They are held to a higher standard and if they feel its unfair they should have a different profession.

You cannot simply beat the hell out of someone, anyone, especially a woman who is your wife, in a PUBLIC PLACE and not be held accountable. 





9 thoughts on “He Must Be Held ACCOUNTABLE

  1. You said it… they wed (for his convenience) in an attempt to save and salvage his reputation and career. He planned it well is obvious and she believed him… He prob divorce her now that he is going thru hell cause in the end ” he prob wed her for all this not to happen” ….. I feel sorry for her (She needs a wake up call)..

  2. The punishment let’s you know they don’t give a d@mn about Janay Rice…Why not suspended him for a year with counseling but they just let him go….now no money is coming, and she’s at home with an abusive man who has no job and will probably blame her for being at home…the only people this helps is the NFL (public relations). If the NFL starts the policy of getting rid of NFL players who beat their wives….won’t that policy end up having less women come forward about domestic violence? If their husband is making millions of dollars why come forward and endanger your family’s security? #GreyArea

    1. No offense, the league is not responsible for Janay Rice. She is. The fact that she chose to marry him after all this says a lot about her. The best thing she can do for herself is walk away. However, she chose not to. She needs to get herself together.

  3. I’m soooooo tired of this blown out of proportion story. I don’t say that to diminish the seriousness of abuse. I say that because this has been going on forever in all sports. There are several players currently playing right now with domestic violence charges. Actual charges where their wife filed charges. Jamal didnt even file charges. Brandon Marshall is a known woman beater. They did a whole story on him on the show “Behind the lines”. She went to the league about it too and nothing came of it. D wades ex wife complained about getting body slammed by wade. There are players in the nfl that killed people during dui but they are still playing because they can’t bash the beer companies that give them so much money. He should be fined and banned for a term not for life. Should we ban the walmart manager, bus driver, doctor or whoever else has a domestic violence case with battery? Raking away their job is not the answer.
    No a man should not hit a woman BUT I look at it more so that a human should not be hitting another human period. No, I’ve never hit a chick but I’m sure anyone can be provoked. I’m not making excuses for either one of them but the alcohol they were both drinking didn’t help. Lifetime ban? Hell no. We all make mistakes. So should we go through and ban every professional athlete with a battery case? If we do we have to do every case, not just when it’s a man against a woman.

  4. Everyone is going crazy because it was on video. Take the video away, let 1 month pass, and the masses will be right back to focusing on people pouring ice water on themselves…smh

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