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Married At First Sight….Would you Do it?

So if you haven’t been keeping up with reality TV, F.Y.I.’s Married at First Sight would have slipped through the cracks disguised as pretty decent non ratchet television.

The idea of the show, is considered an extreme social experiment between six singles who agree to be matched (based on compatibility) by a team of experts. They will meet their wife/husband at the alter and for five weeks will live as man and wife, deciding at the end of the experiment if they will stay married or divorce.

Now let me say this, I am all for marriage. I think it’s a beautiful thing when two people can unite and vow to commit their lives to each other. I’m starting to wonder, have we as modern day singles been getting it wrong all these years? Meeting your future spouse the regular way at social functions, or through friend of a friend, getting to know one another, and then maybe 2-3 years down the line you decide to jump the broom may not be the way to go anymore.

Could we really trust a group of experts to take all our wants. needs, desires, pet peeves, fears, preferences etc and put them in a big machine and out comes the perfect mate? Could they be on to something? Let’s take a look at the couple who stood out the most to me.

Vaughn and Monet’

I just knew they were not going to make it. I hate to say that because I was really rooting for them to work. Call me biased. While physically they made a great match, they did not have anything in common at all, and that was obvious from their very first conversation.

She’s a strong, Manhattan-Harlem,  independent, I am lady hear me roar, don’t need a man for nothing except for some good p****, type feminist woman.  She’s very much like the women I have known all my life and I related to her.

Vaughn is extremely traditional, military trained, somewhat sensitive, accustomed to or longing for a nurturing woman who will cater to her man and family, all while making him feel as if he is the man, in and out the bedroom.

The two of them only had a sexual connection, and was the only couple from the experiment that had sex the first night.

Typically when there is nothing else to do, people have sex.  (Kanye shrug)

Being that they were in their 30’s, most people are usually set in their ways and won’t change or find it difficult to change.

Watching their marriage unravel weekly was hard to consume, and their decision to divorce was expected on the finale. They had major communication issues.

It taught me a valuable lesson, as much as I love black marriage, and desire that Mrs. in front of my name one day, I need to be aligned with my mate in all areas. Spiritually, mentally, emotionally, financially and then eventually if all things are great in those areas, physically as well. I am not sure if a group of experts can give me that.

However, if I am still single in 4 more years, I may have to rethink this lol What are your thoughts?


5 thoughts on “Married At First Sight….Would you Do it?

  1. It’s an interesting concept and I’ll now have to watch the show. I think that seeking advice from professionals is one thing but I’d prefer to meet my match myself. It’s like how match.com ask you all those questions but it’s ultimately up to you to seek out someone and make the decision.

    1. I agree with you with wanting to meet the match yourself, because I am so analytical,, however in this case if we did that…then we would be biased on looks and forgo the experts recommendations… I just hope they take my love for Omari Hardwick’s looks into consideration lol

  2. I have never heard of this show and want to watch it. I think a match matcher could work for some people, but it is definitely not an avenue that everyone should explore.

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