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My Birthday as the Ultimate Single Girl

Sooooooo where do I begin?

My birthday recently passed and I forgot to update my blog or my diary as I do as ritual every year. (Oooopppsss)

At any rate, this past year has definitely been one of CLARITY. They say when you get older you are more wiser and full of an abundance of knowledge. I think in my case, I learn, grow, and evolve daily.

27 is a milestone year for me because it marks 10 years of being on my own as an adult. I was thrust into life at 17 with nothing but my dreams and determination. Didn’t want to go back to where I’d left and also didn’t want to prove anyone RIGHT….I was a determined little girl who wanted to show any and everyone that I got this…and I’m gonna make it. Despite the nay sayers….and I did. Barely.

A near death car accident, a robbery at gun point, and a few heartbreaks later….I am here, unscathed and alive with my battle wounds to show. This bright eyed girl survived the first 10 years on her own. Now I only have the rest of my life to go.

Bring it on.

Ultimate Single Girl

I started Ultimate Single girl as an outlet of my frustration with the lack of quality dating in South Florida. From the concrete grew a rose and it has blossomed into my brand. I want to save women from themselves. If someone told me the things I knew now, 10 years ago… let’s just say my life would have been so much different. It’s okay to be single. It’s okay to be in a relationship too. But one must remember, “to thine ownself be true” Let us stop settling….or going along to get along for the sake of…..everything. Kids, convenience, etc.

In order to be a great half to someone you must first be a great whole to yourself. It’s in me to bless and be a blessing to some woman who wants to prepare herself for her next relationship or to cultivate the one she is already in.

So, I’d like to say 27 is going to be special for me. I’m hopeful and optimistic as it pertains to love..but I’m going to love me in the meantime.

Check out my photos from my birthday celebration and my launch party of Ultimate Single Girl…..



















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