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Spotlight Feature: Brian Lee of DigherlowTV


If you ask anyone in the local Miami Gardens (formerly known as Carol City) area, who is Brian Lee, you’ll be met with a smile or a smirk. Steadily carving his path to success in the world of entertainment through his comedic parodies or even his must-attend stellar events, Brian is a force soon to be reckoned with.  He is mostly known for his YouTube parody videos in which he brings to light real life situations with a comedic flair. Whether it is a crazy boyfriend scene, pillow talk between lovers, or even a play on social media phenomenons, DigherlowTv is sure to generate laughs.

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His parody of Cheaters (a well known reality show that features infidelity through private investigating) hit a skyrocketing 561K views which has really set the tone for his audience and has been his most successful to date.


I had the opportunity to sit down with Brian and pick his brain on just who he really is, how did he start in this business and what he for sees for his future.

HK: How did you start in this business?

BL: Well it started as a joke, I had an idea and put it on Twitter to get feedback. The idea was what if private parts were detachable? From there, I filmed my first video in an apartment with a friend, and posted it to Facebook. It received 752 views in one day.I’ve been going ever since.

HK: Wow that’s amazing. so what would you say is “DigHerLowTV” defined? What is your brand?

BL: Inspirational, realistic comedies.

HK: Okay that’s good, and how did you get the name “DigherLow”?

BL: From the movie Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo.

HK: (laughter) So are you saying you are a male gigolo?

BL: No just a play on words…. I like how it sounds.

HK: Okay cool, so you host a lot of events and parties in the South Florida area, how does that tie in with your comedy?

BL: It’s all synonymous with making people happy, making people laugh. I’m all about ensuring people have a good time, whether they are laughing at my videos or enjoying themselves at a party It’s all one in the same.

HK: I see, so what do you feel makes you different from all of the other amateur comedians who may be doing the same thing as you are?

BL: My content is relatable. I know people who may be going through the things I joke about or they may even know people who it relates to. Real life situations are always believable.

HK: I agree. So who would you say is your favorite celebrity comedian or someone that you would like to emulate?

BL: Martin Lawrence. Hands down.

HK: Really? I love martin. What’s your favorite movie of his?

BL: Life. Life has to be the one of the funniest to me, now that I have gotten older and I can appreciate the humor and the improvisation they did in that movie. Initially when I saw it as a child, I walked out of the movie theater because it wasn’t what I expected. But now I can watch it over and over again.

HK: I liked Life also, not that much but it grew on me too. Martin Lawrence is known for stretching the limits and in one of his movies, Big Momma’s house he dressed as woman. Is that something you would do for comedy?

BL: Nah.

HK: Any particular reason why?

BL: Just not my lane. It works for some, but for me, I like to stay in my lane.

HK: I hear you, so do you have any fears about the industry as you grow more into your brand and elevate into your ultimate goal as an entertainer?

BL: I think betrayal, is something I am leery of. Being put into a difficult situation due to someone else’s greed or negligence.

HK: I can understand that. Have you had that experience yet? 

BL: Fortunately, no. 

HK: Well that’s a blessing. Last question, are you staying in the mold of parody comedy or do you have plans to expand?

BL: I’m actually preparing a stand up routine, so that’s in the works, and my ultimate goal is to be an actor. Serious but still humorous. Not so much Denzel but more of Martin Lawrence style.

HK: I’ll be waiting and rooting for you. God Bless.

Brian Lee can be found on all social media!

Instagram: DigherlowTv

Twitter: DigherlowTV

Facebook: DigherlowTV

And of course youtube DigherlowTV


His upcoming Christmas party is sure to sellout fast so if you are in the south Florida area, and needs plans for Christmas night, look no further!


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