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Album Review: Jazmine Sullivan’s Reality Show

Reality show

I rarely do album reviews because truthfully I’m extremely biased on today’s artists and the type of music that plays on the airwaves today. I’m usually an old school music kind of girl… check that blog here if you missed it.

At any rate Jazmine Sullivan has always been one of my fave artists, not only because we share the same name (all Jasmine’s love each other) but because the authenticity in her music and lyrics is so profound, I often wonder how does she know my personal business that she sings about it?? LOL 🙂

After a hiatus for 5 years from the music industry, she teased us with sporadic live performances in  blues joints..then finally releasing 3 singles before the album officially released on January 13, 2015.

“I consider being in the music industry like an intimate relationship where I give it my all — love, time, energy, blood, sweat, and tears,” says singer and songwriter Jazmine Sullivan. “As much as I put into this relationship, with all of its ups and downs, I’m just asking for the industry and the fans to love me back.”  

Her return has been a long awaited one and I personally connect with this album on many levels.


My Favorite Songs:

Let it Burn 

I wanna be good to you baby, ooh
(Call me crazy but I think I found the love of my life, that’s right)
How you ever felt warm on a cold, cold night?
That’s how it get you when you least expect it, and you can’t reject it
That crazy little tingling feeling pain in your chest yes

I played this song maybe 15-20x because though I am no longer in love, I remember the feeling and the burning feeling in my chest it gave. This song also samples 90s classic “Ready or Not”by After 7.


Masterpiece (Mona Lisa)

Every part of me is a vision of a portrait
Of Mona, of Mona Lisa
Every part of me is beautiful
And I finally see I’m a work of art
A masterpiece

As women we all have those hidden insecurities and this songs brings them to light but finds favors in our imperfections and speaks growth, loving yourself.


Forever Don’t Last

I had high hopes for us, baby
Like I was on dope for us, baby
Chasin’ after a high that I’d never get back again
So we turn into three long years
And it became painfully clear that we,
We would never see those days again
But I guess forever, doesn’t last too long forever
Doesn’t last too long forever

My last relationship had me in tears nearly ever dayy listening to this song. I felt her pain in these lyrics. Sometimes forever isn’t meant to last with the wrong person. Blessing in disguise.


Those are my top 3, however her whole album from start to finish is AMAZING and she made a brilliant comeback.

Thank you Jazmine Sullivan for getting through these last few months and preparing for whats in store.


Have any of you heard the album??



XOXOX kiss



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