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“With This Ring” Movie Review + The Woman who marries HERSELF

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So being the self proclaimed “Ultimate Single Girl” that I am, it was a must that I check out Lifetimes’s new romantic comedy “With this Ring”. My sister had forewarned me not to watch it for fear I would get depressed and melancholy since I used to harp on always being single and wondering when I was going to get married. Keyword “used to”.  Thank God for growth lol

I am glad I did not take her advice because I really enjoyed this film from beginning to end. I love movies with beautiful black people and positive messages.  The main character Trista attends a wedding on new year’s eve, and makes a pact with her two closest friends that in one year they all will be married or engaged. This pact is called “The Vow”.


Though I didn’t personally relate to any one particular character, I did understand each points of view and their situations. From still dealing with an ex, to being in a relationship with a married man in hopes he would leave his wife, to still loving the father of your child but afraid to share that for fear he’ll reject you. Each woman had a story. This movie was lighthearted and not full of too much emotion which is always a good thing to me, I’m tired of crying at movies ! LOL







Single Women and Marriage

I talk about this topic a lot which is why I find it strange that as I even type this blog, my mind draws a blank on my emotions about it. So let’s discuss facts. I know for a fact all women want to get married. I also know for a fact that women will settle in order to marry. Whatever it is, our biological clocks, our slowly dwindling group of single friends and increasing group of married friends, women want to belong to someone. And by a certain age if she has not found it, that list of must haves turns into a list of would be nice to haves but not necessary. Eventually, we are so desperate we are just grateful that somebody, anybody is agreeing to marry us. Sigh. It’s sad.

Which brings me to my next topic:

40 year-old woman marries HERSELF.

Houston native Yasmin Eleby promised herself that if she hadn’t found a mate by the time she was 40, she would marry herself, and she kept her promise.

Now, this I just won’t agree to. I’m sorry, I am 100% down for self-love and if one day I have not been found by the man of my dreams, I will not and I repeat I will not marry myself. I will instead celebrate myself as we should all do every year, but this was a bit much. But to thine own self be true and if this is what she wanted then kudos to her for taking this bold step.

I do believe there is someone for everyone though.  I am happy that my past relationships have not burned me in the sense of diluting my dreams of become a Mrs. one day. I still have hope, because without hope life may have no meaning. Hope goes a long way.

What are your thoughts? Have you seen the movie?

XOXOXOX Kiss aka Ultimate Single Girl

One thought on ““With This Ring” Movie Review + The Woman who marries HERSELF

  1. Black women these days are ostracized, ignored and abused when it comes to relationships. They rather focus their attention on getting careers but society sadly cataloged them as the worst to get married to, unattractive and “angry.” That’s why there’s a lot of black single women, some with kids, that doesn’t get that chance to marrying the right way to a “prince charming.” I could watch the movie some time but have to be careful.

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