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Relationships 102: Why it is necessary to have CLOSURE.

Last night’s premiere of Being Mary Jane season two came with a lot of jaw dropping moments *spoiler alert* like the poor goldfish being thrown out the window of her impeccably decorated home.  Ouch!


Throughout the episode Mary Jane Paul often humiliates herself trying to come to a sound conclusion of her and David’s demise. Cyber stalking, questioning mutual friends, and even belittling those around her because she is unable to get the one thing she so desperately needs; closure. Haven’t we all have been here one time or another?


Closure is defined as a bringing to an end; a conclusion. Closure is great if you can get it, but more often than not you will not get it the way you want it. He will not come to us on bended knee, apologetic and begging for forgiveness.Only Boyz II Men did that and this ain’t the 90s.


How are we ever able to move on if we are still stuck on what didn’t go right or what went wrong, or even worse the self loathing question “what’s wrong with me”? Mary Jane’s actions was tough to watch because it’s as if she’s our friend in our heads, and we’re saying to her, “Girlfriend, let this go, it is time to move on.”


Closure can be achieved in many ways even if you find it difficult to face the person. My last breakup had me distraught for weeks. I couldn’t eat, slept days and weekends away, didn’t get my hair or my nails done (travesty!) I was a mess needless to say. I was angry at myself for a long time. But I needed closure. So being the writer that I am, I wrote for days. I wrote how he made me feel, how he hurt me, I asked questions, “Why her? Why not me?’ Before I knew it I had 3 sheets of paper filled top to bottom and front and back. I rolled them up and put them in an empty wine bottle. I drove myself to the nearest pier at the break of sunrise, said a prayer for peace and threw my bottle into the ocean.  I had to let it go. Closure is needed or your psyche will drive you insane.

At the end of the episode and I hope for the remainder of the season it appears Mary Jane got her closure with David. Time will tell.

Thoughts on the season premiere?

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One thought on “Relationships 102: Why it is necessary to have CLOSURE.

  1. Whew! I’m so glad I took the time to read this rather than read the title and pass by.

    Please let me explain.

    Closure is important for the process of moving on from emotional pain. But so often I read things that suggest the only way to get closure is to talk to the person that hurt you. That is a bad recommendation for several reasons (unless the other party is willing). And I’m so glad that is not the direction you took.

    Sometimes we have to find our own ways to move on, but I don’t think we’re told that enough.

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