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Product Junky Review: Kreamie’s Collection

Welcome to my first and long awaited product review blog post!! My blog initially was supposed to be all about my transition into natural hair care and the journey but along the way I fell into the “lifestyle blogger” category..oops? LOL Anyway I’m here to review this amazing brand Kreamie’s Collection.

I had been eyeing this company for a long time on Instagram, because their scent descriptions were amazing, and they had a lot of positive reviews. I’m always leery of buying things online, because I’m so compulsive and I want things immediately. However, their shipping time was good. I ordered on a Friday, and received my products the next Friday.

Lemon Honey Love Face Wash:


This product is still growing on me. I think I should have purchased the matching face scrub to go with it. That way I can really see results. The consistency is very thin, so it’s pretty much a liquid and I couldn’t tell at first if I applied enough, or was using to much.  It smells pretty much like the name, and tastes very sweet.


Coconut Brown Sugar Scrub:

sgar scrub

The scrub is awesome. My skin felt very soft to the touch even days after using it. The container they send it in is about 12 ounces, so you get a lot but only have to use a little. I used the scrub on my legs, my arms, my face, and even the top part of my  lady parts. Very moisturizing and smells decadent.

Soy Miracle Body Butter:

soy body butter

This is my absolute favorite. I needed a body butter that did not have any or very minimal shea butter in it, as I have a slight allergy to shea. The scent I chose was “coconut milk & peaches” and it’s such a soft warm smell. The texture is very light but has a smooth consistency. I like to use this only at night, right after I get out the shower. I smooth this on my body, and in conjunction with the scrub, it’s like I have  a new layer of skin. My sheets even smell like it too lol. The only con is I wish they gave more! It’s about 8 oz for $18.50.  I’m almost half way done with my jar. ;-(

I most definitely will order from Kreamie’s collection soon. I will get the lemon honey love scrub to match my face wash, and then I think I will stock up on their body butters. 🙂

Check out their website: http://kreamiescollection.bigcartel.com/

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