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Jazz in the Gardens 2015 Recap & Photos


Jazz in the Gardens was interesting this year to say the least!!

I enjoyed only Jeffrey Osborne performance (I’m an old school girl a heart lol)


Toni Braxton was a little low and she forgot some of the words to her own songs! Ouch.


R. Kelly is amazing but the playing of videos is not what I paid my money for… -__-


Maxwell and Erykah Badu were both great… I loved seeing them perform.


Hopefully next year they have top notch performers. 

IMG_2299[1]  the most amazing natural product company I fell in love with !! I overloaded on their cashmere love body cleanser, silk mist, and body oil.  Smells amazing!!

IMG_2300[1] nicole and owner of zuresh

IMG_2298[1]    the vendors were amazing!!

IMG_2296[1] amazing hand sewn ebony calf covered purses!!

IMG_2279[1] me and debbie debz

IMG_2268[1] me and cola

IMG_2248[1]me in blue hot as heck!

IMG_2266[1] me and colastax

IMG_2281[1]me over this sun!!jigt me and the ladies!

IMG_2303[1]my fave artist!

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