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My 21 Day Fast… ( I made it!!)

21 days

I recently completed my 21 day fast that I started on March 1, 2015. This explains my absence from my blog..but have no fear I am back! 🙂

I recently reached a huge milestone in my personal life the end of February and to thank God for my blessings, I decided to go on a personal fast.

There a lot of things I pray for as a single woman, and sometimes I felt that maybe God wasn’t hearing me. That’s not true because God always hears, it is just up to us to receive it.  At any rate, I decided a fast would be the best way to show God how serious I am.

Purpose: To prepare myself for the things I pray for and to give honor to GOd for forgiving me of my past transgressions.

Goal: To become mentally and spiritually clear of all things not for me.

1. Water and Tea only as fluid intake

2.No sex.

3.Void communication with meaningless people. If I have no interest or feel they aren’t adding value to my life, there is no reason to mislead false friendships or something more.

4.No cursing or swearing.

5. Daily morning and evening prayer.

So the fast was slightly difficult for me because I struggle with the majority things on my list. It’s funny how when you put our mind to do something, all of the distractions, come at you full force.

Thankfully, I made it through the fast and I hope to better receive any future blessing God has in store for me.

Has any of my followers ever completed a fast???

xoxoxo kiss

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