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Jazmine Sullivan RealityShow TOUR Recap + Accountability

Okay so the title may throw you off a bit. You may find yourself asking “What does Jazmine Sullivan’s Reality Show Tour have anything to do with accountability”?  A whole lot and let me explain why.

IMG_2447[1]Reality show

To start I had an AMAZING time at her concert last night which was held at the Jackie Gleason Fillmore theater in South Beach Miami. Jazmine Sullivan is definitely an under rated artist who sings beyond her time. She has this humble energy about her, but also sometimes a sad disposition which I’ve learned comes out through her music.

I reviewed her album a few weeks ago when it came out : https://hershykiss.wordpress.com/2015/01/19/album-review-jazmine-sullivans-reality-show/

Is it weird to feel like you have a connection to a celebrity through their art? Like how possible is it for two different women to go through the same exact things around the same time, and feel the exact same way? In any case, her vocals are beyond amazing and her energy on stage was purpose filled as the crowd clung to her every word.

She explains why she disappeared from the music industry for so long. She was going through a difficult relationship which left her un-centered and unbalanced. This relationship got her off her path in life. She felt she invested so much, but neglected herself. So this album for her, was her finding herself again and walking into her destiny.  Undoubtedly she was missed.



Accountability is best described as not only what you do, but what you DON’T do for which we are accountable.

I recently have been going through the motions. Mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally trying to prepare myself for the next step in life. Or at least the next step I want to take. Marriage, a family, a career, etc. Everything that I pray for, I have conditioned my mind that I must be ready for when it comes to fruition. You know how sometimes, you just feel it? You feel a change coming so you’re preparing yourself to be able to receive it. That’s been me the last few months. Praying, fasting, reading, and writing.

So there was this relationship that I felt I hadn’t given enough time to flourish. In my mind I hadn’t watered the seeds enough and I mutually jumped ship when it was time. So I decided to , after long internal bouts with myself to open myself up again to the possibility of reigniting this flame.

The flame back fired needless to say. This person refuses to be held accountable for the things he did and also  DID NOT DO in our brief courtship which led to actions on my part well after we were no longer together.  Actions, whether good, bad or indifferent need to explained. This person continues to be weak in areas where I needed him to be strong. He proves to be unapologetic, only to recluse back into a shell which started the train of mis-communication and neglect in the beginning. Pointing the finger at someone else for what they’ve done, and have already dealt with the consequences for,  is far easier in his eyes than owning up to the fact that he’s not great in the relationship department as it relates to multi-tasking. It’s like an easy way out. Accountability., lol hmmph, she’s a tough pill to swallow.

The reason I resonate with Jazmine Sullivan is because she holds her self accountable in her music. She admits to being a “Stupid Girl” in her last relationship. She’s vulnerable enough to admit that “Forever don’t Last” like we often think it should.  She’s so in tune with her soul she describes the fire one feels when in a new relationship in “Let it Burn“. Clever and witty with her tune “Brand New” and soul searching but self acceptance in “Masterpiece”.

Jazmine Sullivan…is me.

oxoxoxox kiss

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