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Loose Lips Sinks Ships


Wikipedia defines “Loose lips sink ships” as an American English idiom meaning “beware of unguarded talk”.

Talking recklessly has it consequences whether it is a minuscule or massive issue. Let’s steer this in the direction of relationships.

I take “loose lips sinks ships” in the perspective of “keep your mouth closed about your new/existing relationship, if you want it to last.”.

New Relationship:

You know that moment when you meet a new guy, and he’s saying all the right things, doing all the right things, and he’s meeting every checkpoint on your mile long list of must haves? You’re so excited! You start telling your friends and family, “I met this new guy, I think he might be the one!” You can hardly contain your composure. You want to divulge every detail about him to anyone who will listen. What he does for a living, what type of college he graduated from, how he opens your door for you EVERY time he sees you. It’s natural to want to share these details with people closest to you.

However this can backfire, if the new relationship doesn’t work out. Once you start noticing the obvious things that wasn’t clear to you before.Like the fact that he probably only called you in the daytime, and never at night. Or the realization that he was a little cheap and didn’t want to take you on an actual date. Nothing wrong with those things, but now you decide you  really don’t like him as much as you did before.And  now you have to explain to your friends and family about what happened to this mysterious guy you was ranting and raving about a few weeks ago. Hopefully, you hadn’t introduced to him because that would totally be a waste of time.

married woman

Existing Relationships:

It is completely normal, to vent about your relationship to your friends and family. We often want the advice of a third party, or we want to tell our side without being judged or interrupted and most importantly, we want to eliminate the back and forth that goes on. Venting has it consequences, because once you tell your friends and family what your mate did or didn’t do, you may forgive him, but they NEVER will. They will never see him/her the same, causing further conflict to your relationship. This is extremely  important in marriages, because it’s a sacred union/covenant with only GOD being that third party.


As I’ve gotten older I realized how important it is to keep certain things to myself. I’m also superstitious and for fear of jinxing, I’m more inclined to keep my mouth shut.  If I’m excited about a new guy, I talk out loud to myself (no seriously lol) or I pray and ask God for guidance and direction. “Lord if this is the man for me, thank you for the blessing. If not, thank you for the lesson, but have your will and make way for who is meant to be for me, by removing who is not.”

In my existing relationship, sometimes I take advice from older individuals who have an established positive relationship, but knowing only that their advice can only go so far.

What are your thoughts? Have you had an experience in your relationship where your mouth contributed to the ending of a relationship?


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