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I don’t want to be in love….I just want to be HAPPY and have FUN!

This won’t be a long blog today. I have been working on something amazing for my subscribers, and I haven’t had any decent time to write out thought provoking pieces that will generate timeless conversations amongst Mars and Venus…LOL

However I just want to get this off of my brain. (I guess this would be considered a poem)

I don’t want to be in love. Love hurts. Love, when used incorrectly, can cause unidentifiable pain.

Falling in love with someone new is SCARY. Trusting again, after you’ve gone through the spin cycle of hurt, pain, and frustration is debilitating.

I don’t think I’m ready for it. I thought I was. I thought I could pick myself up again and dust myself off and have another try at this thing called LOVE.

I fooled myself.

I don’t want to love another, just to lose another.

I just want to be HAPPY and HAVE FUN with no EXPECTATIONS!

Just living! Falling in love makes living hard. You’re concerned with “Does he still like me?” “Does he still find me attractive?” “What if she doesn’t answer my call?”

Love clouds your reasonable judgment.


Love is so necessary.

It’s like air. You need love to keep going. Without it, without that one person that can make it all worth it, life can be meaningless.

Thank you Love for not giving up on me.



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