A Brown Belle Exchange Podcast Episode 1



I know a lot of you thought that I was pregnant or engaged (insert shocked emoji face here) LOL

And while those are important life changing moments, that probably wouldn’t be something that I would first post to Social Media.

At any rate, I have been diligently working on revamping my brand. For a while I have gone by as “Being HershyKiss Blogger”. And while that name has been synonymous with what it was I liked to do “Blogging, writing, etc” I felt it no longer described me and my overall brand entirely.

I am and will always be a poster child for a young black single woman living in a metropolitan city. My desire is to share my views about life, love, pop cultural and everything in between with the world.

It used to be an outlet for me, sharing my thoughts and ideas, but with the success of my blog, I have received so much support and garnered a huge following that I never imagined. 😉

So I present to you: A Brown Belle Exchange.

A Brown Belle Exchange is simply a dialogue between women of color. This is a forum where we can share our views on everything that is relative to today’s modern woman. Everything is up for discussion and nothing is held back.

This forum includes a blog, a weekly podcast, and a YouTube Channel.

I am so grateful and extremely blessed for everyone who has helped me bring my passion of BBE to life.

From production of the podcast (TSB) and just everyone who gave their input.

Thank you!!

A Brown Belle Exchange can be found exclusively at

I can be reached for all comments, feedback, and suggestions at robynjasmine@abrownbelleexchange.com
Below is the first podcast!!!! Please click to listen and feel free to share!!
With SO Much Love,

Robyn Jasmine

Click Play BELOW for First Episode!!


The corresponding blog to this podcast is Titled : https://abrownbelleexchange.com/2015/05/15/25-things-every-woman-should-have-by-the-time-she-turns-25/

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