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Dear My Boyfriend’s Baby Mama (Response)

This post is a response towards this article here:


It’s for kick and giggles and is not reflective of my personal life LOL!

Dear My Boyfriend’s Baby Mama,

Hey girl hey. First off let me start out by saying I wouldn’t necessarily refer to you as a “baby mama”, mother of his child is more fitting, but since you referred to my man as your baby daddy, I guess I’ll follow suit.

Why so hostile in your letter towards me? You say that what goes on between the two of you is none of my business, but since he is the man of my household, his business is my business.

I know that you two once had something special that resulted in the birth of a child. However life goes on and people must move forward.

You’re right, I don’t claim to know you or your plight when it comes to the struggles of being a single mother. However what I do know is, 40% of my man’s paycheck is taken from him twice a month before he even sees it and is directly deposited on a debit card for your immediate use. This means my man works twice as hard to bring in additional income to cover this household. So when he does come home, he’s dog tired and I have to step in to make sure where he lays his head is peaceful and stress-free.

What I also know is that even though you’re receiving assistance from the government, plus $600 a month for child support, my man still makes it his business to pick Jr. up from school 3x a week. He also spends the night here at our home every other weekend. So basically, the custody is split 50/50.

What you don’t know is, he never bad mouths you. He admitted he messed up but you didn’t forgive him and held it over his head, so eventually it was best to part ways. If anything, I’m always the one offering a different perspective when the two of you argue about miniscule things. I always encourage him to see it from your point of view, even when at times you can be dead wrong.

And those late night pillow talks you stated, yeah we have them. Mostly about how he vows to always be in his son’s life, because he grew up with out his own father. We also talk about the future. Our plans to get married and hopefully one day give Jr. a little sister. We talk about his dreams, his goals, his aspirations and his plans on achieving them. We speak life into each other, and build each other up, even though the past (and old relationships) may have torn us down.

I’m always respectful and courteous towards you, but that doesn’t stop you from rolling your eyes and sucking your teeth when you see me or when you call my house at disrespectful hours.

Trust me, I would never lower myself to be with a man who speaks negatively of his children’s mother. That’s reflection of his choices.

So instead of minding my business, how about you move on to new business and leave your past behind. Dig yourself up  out of this bitter hole of resentment you have for my man, your baby daddy. Life’s too short.


Your son’s father’s girlfriend. (for now)

3 thoughts on “Dear My Boyfriend’s Baby Mama (Response)

  1. Do you have kids? Your post was tastefully written but until you’re the mother of a man’s child who has moved on without you, you can’t judge her.

    1. Hi! I do not have any kids, but as I stated in the begining it was just for kicks and giggles and not relative of my personal life. I respect both girlfriends and mothers of children.

      1. I can understand having a little fun, but for some people it’s not just kicks and giggles . It’s real life. Well written though.

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