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WerkPraySlay B.Y.O.B. Conference Recap

So this weekend I had the pleasure of attending the most amazing conference. WerkPraySlay (Be. Your. Own. Boss) was hosted by the SingleWIves Club which is headquartered out of Atlanta.



The Single Wives club is an organization founded by Koereyelle Dubose whose mission is to prepare women to become wives, nurture femininity and protect family. Single yet selective is a common but truthful phrase you’ll hear in relation to this club. They are all about women empowerment, lifting each other up, and focusing on things that really matter to women of our generation. Marriage, family, love entrepreneurship, brand building, etc.

I was drawn to this group two years ago while I was struggling (still am honestly) to date effectively, and find a balance between knowing what I wanted versus what I deserved. As quiet as it’s kept, social media can influence ones perception on how they think they “should be” living and what they think they should have. Finding this organization online, and following the brand and watching the growth has been amazing so I made it my business to be at the WPS Conference.


True Story: I missed the conference last year by a few days, after taking a social media break for a month. (insert crazed emoji face) So I vowed this year to go. I had made plans in January,  that I was going to be at their conference when it came around again. This past July, as soon as the tickets went on sale, I prepared myself to buy the full VIP package and book my room and flight. But then I lost my job. Talk about a blow to my sanity. At that point I had to focus like wait, I need to hold on to this $5-600 because I may need it, I just lost my job. So the whole summer I’m more upset about not making it to the conference yet again, but I just sucked it up, and said what I always say, “next year”.  But the God I serve is so faithful, I got a better job within 2 months, which put me back in a comfortable space financially. I literally purchased my ticket 1 week before the conference as well as, couldn’t take off from work since I just started, so I flew in the same day. Talk about commitment! I just knew I needed to be there, and I’m glad I was. They kept saying during the conference, “You’re here for a reason.” Not by chance but by choice. I’m living proof.


So now off of the mushy stuff lol. This is a review of my experience at the conference, so I’m not going to divulge the lessons we learned (come back with me next year lol) but I will tell you how I felt about each speaker and their presentation.


First and foremost it was held at the Loft at Castlebury Hill in Atlanta which is a very cute and chic place. I love the way Atlanta looks in general so this venue was a perfect choice.

I was very nervous as I came by myself, and I’m known to be very shy, but I’m slowly growing out of that.

I walked in and was greeted with a smile as I was checked in and handed a gift bag full of mostly flyers about the specific vendors and few treats. I walked to each vendor table who all were very friendly and polite. (This is a big thing for me, because in Miami women are not so friendly with each other).

I sat in the front (trick I learned in college) because I wanted to be able to absorb the lesson and see the people clearly. (My contacts that day would not let me be great lol)

The energy at my table was amazing. The ladies I met were very friendly and very open.  I came by myself but I do feel I left with a few new friends.


It started with a few technical difficulties, but once it started it was smooth sailing.

The event was hosted by DomesticV who gave great introductions to each speaker and had a fun personality.


Koereyelle’s lesson was very thorough and she really knows how to motivate you and keep you focused on the bigger picture. Her background story is amazing and reflects perseverance while turning something negative into a positive.

A key “aha moment” from Koe’s lesson was “Turn your pain into your paycheck, and don’t sell your soul to the devil for a ring and a wedding.”


2nd Speaker was Lakia Brandenburg  who is a published author. Her entrance showed her playful side and she gave great advice on why it is important to get your story out of your head and into a book. A lot of the reasons we think we have to not complete a project is due to fear. She helped me by giving an actual guideline of how grounding yourself in faith will erase fear and get me to where I need to be.


“Aha moment” from Lakia’s lesson: Your book is the passport you need to live the life you need to live.”

3rd Speaker was Charreah Jackson. I was inspired by her lesson as she revealed she overcame and beat an illness plaguing our community.  Her lesson was all about having positive and effective relationships, not just with the opposite sex, but with friends, family and coworkers.  But also, with starting with the man (woman) in the mirror.


“Aha moment” from Charreah: You don’t have to go looking for love when you are love, and “be all of who you are. The best relationships are when you are all of yourself.”


Last but certainly not least, the 4th speaker was Pastor Kim Pothier. To be honest I was so engulfed in her word that I forgot to take down notes, it was no longer a conference but a church service lol. She definitely has a gift and a testimony. Her story is convicting and makes you want to believe more in yourself than you have ever done all because you are blessed and favored by the most high.


“Aha moment” from Pastor Kim: You either get better or stay bitter.


I thoroughly enjoyed myself, and I hate that I missed the brunch, but I am definitely a fan for life and will be officially joining the Single Wives Club.



To visit Single Wives Website: http://thesinglewivesclub.com/







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