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A Brown Belle Resurfaces……Did you miss me?

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So. I took a break from blogging, could you tell? LOL.

I started to write this long spiel about how I’ve been so busy and couldn’t find time to write and blah blah blah but that wouldn’t be the truth. I’ve had time, I just didn’t feel like it lol.

Truthfully, I did get s new job and have been in an intense training the last 12 weeks which leaves me exhausted at the end of the day. Then the weekend comes and I’m like super lazy. (Don’t judge me lol)

However I am back and boy do I have a lot to say!!!

I have a few things to talk about but I will space them out in future blogs to follow this one, so they can be organized and categorized.

But so far;

  1. My Best Friend Got Engaged (yay her !! sad face for me lol)
  2. My Ex got Engaged (sad face for real y’all)
  3. My Other Ex is having a baby (rolls my eyes lol)

So while I can truly find the humor in everything, a lot of reflection has hit me like a ton of bricks lately.


Read the next post for more deets.


P.S. Yes I am still doing the Podcast which can be found in the Apple ITunes Store. A new Episode will be available soon!!!


With SO much Love & Light,

Robyn Jasmine

4 thoughts on “A Brown Belle Resurfaces……Did you miss me?

  1. Oh the blogger struggle is real. It’s hard to keep up a blog consistently. I’ve always had hiatuses and mini breaks with my previous sites. I am trying not to do that with my current blog. *pray for me* lol Glad you’re back though. I got to your blog right on time.

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