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Make you FEEL my Love…..

So I have been on an ADELE overdose lately. I’ve always liked her music; I never was one to jump on bandwagons, I’m more of a listen to the whole album before I can really feel it, if that makes any sense.

Anyway, her newest album seems to have come out at the wrong time in my life lol.  She makes you THINK. So on to the topic at hand today.

(Disclaimer: Yes The title is from a song on her album 19 released in 2008)


When you look around and everyone life seems to be revolving (new engagements, new babies, new loves) and you feel like you’re standing still 😦  I still trying to figure out what to wear every morning lol


My best friend got engaged recently, and while I am over the moon ecstatic for her, a piece of you slowly dies inside.

Same goes for when you hear your ex recently popped the question to the girl he started dating right after you two broke up, and she just so happens to look like you. (blank stare)

You start feeling like wait what, that’s what we’re supposed to be doing right? Creating families and long lasting memories with everlasting loves.

It’s not a feeling like you have when you feel like you’re jealous. That doesn’t describe it for me. Life goes on and moves forward. I am just struggling with dealing with the feeling of  like I’ve WASTED so much time. Does that make any sense?

Time is so valuable. When I look back the time that was wasted on individuals, situations, drama etc. It never amounts to any of it being worth it.

So I keep telling myself over and over again, that everything happens for a reason. Learning experiences trumps  a lot in most cases. I am blessed to say I have learned A LOT throughout the last 10 years, which have helped shaped me into who I am.

What keeps me sane is not feeling like, I am missing out. What’s for me is for me. However, I don’t want people to convince me that what I feel is not valid. A lot of married people, or people with children like to input that I have ALLL the time in the world, when that is not simply not true. I agree that you should take for yourself before you jump into anything. Children, marriages etc

However, you don’t come home alone every night.

You don’t have to fight of bugs screaming to the top of your lungs lol


Just let us single people live!!


until next time

With SO much love,


Robyn Jasmine

4 thoughts on “Make you FEEL my Love…..

  1. I really feel your heart in this post.
    It’s true, we single people don’t have all the time in the world. The truth is, I’ve realized that I need to treat my relationships like my job. I need to put energy into them, and I may have to move if there aren’t any opportunities. At 35, I just know if I don’t make a concerted effort to put myself in the position to meet a special woman, life will keep going. And I will wake up one morning and I’ll be 65 and still single.

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