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#BlackLove: Have You Been Watching?



There’s been a show on the  FYI network  titled #BlackLove which has been serving life lessons since its premiere in December.

The show is centered around five successful women in New York City whose introduction starts out by saying “You’ll never have a job, an apartment, or a boyfriend at the same time in NYC.”  :-/ Sad but so true!

If you recognize one of the faces, it’s because Monet Bell was previously a castmember on “Married at First Sight” another show on the same network, in which a group of experts paired strangers together to be married, with them only meeting at the alter.

(Read that review here: https://abrownbelleexchange.com/2014/09/11/married-at-first-sight-would-you-do-it/

Her marriage unfortunately did not work out,  but she has not given up the good fight for love, and the happily ever after that most women are search in for.



Monet is joined by;

Tennesha Wood


Tennesha Wood is a 30-year-old regional sales manager living in New York City. Reared in the Midwest with strong Caribbean roots; family, trust and discipline make up much of this former soldier’s core. Although Tennesha has had fun exploring with the men of New York, she is ultimately focused on falling in love and creating a family similar to the one she grew up in. Tennesha’s last serious relationship ended because of her domineering and controlling nature; which is why she’s still single. In the last five years, Tennesha has been a bridesmaid in numerous weddings and believes it’s her turn to not only walk down the aisle, but finally find her best friend and soul mate all wrapped into one!


LaRee Thomas


Laree “LA” Thomas is a 35-year-old travel consultant living in New York City. Her ideal type of man is spontaneous and challenges her mentally and emotionally. She is single because she feels men find her to be intimidating. Laree is a fan of chivalrous gestures like opening car doors and loathes modern day back and forth text conversations, choosing to converse face-to-face. With a sharp wit, this New York native is an independent, world traveler. Laree stands out from the crowd with her keen sense of style and is looking for a man strong enough to make her want to settle down.


Jahmil Jae Eady


Jahmil “Jae” Eady is a 26-year-old web developer living in New York City. She dates both men and women, and is looking to meet a partner who is both successful and mature. Jae values accomplishments and stability over youth and looks. Having grown up in a middle class family in South Carolina, her need for security has greatly affected her romantic life in adulthood. Jae has always placed her career and independence before love and has remained single because of it. Due to her demanding career, she admits she hasn’t invested the proper time and energy necessary to find a mate


Cynthia Branch


Cynthia Branch is a 38-year-old licensed social worker and life coach living in New York City. Her marriage of several years recently ended and she is looking to pick up pointers on how to navigate the harsh New York dating scene. But, unlike most of her single friends, Cynthia has two teenage children to worry about. Because of this, she’s not looking for anything too serious at the moment, but is open to learning how to get back into the dating scene again.

In a workshop setup, the women receive lessons, assignments, and one on one counseling sessions from two experts, Psychotherapist Dr. Jack A. Daniels and dating expert Damona Hoffman.

So far the ladies have learned how to narrow down their wants vs needs, communicate effectively, identify issues in their past to release the baggage that’s been weighing them down, figuring out what love means to them, and also focusing on commitment.



Usually after the workshops, the ladies have blind dates set up by them by the experts to test what they have learned. Some have crashed and burned and other succeeded resulting in a relationship.



The women, usually meet up for cocktails (of course!) at the end of the week to go over the lessons they’ve learned or to share information about what they are experiencing.



I’ve found this new series to be refreshing in a sense. So many times, black women or black individuals in general usually don’t seek professional help (therapy, counseling etc) with their personal lives. I so desperately want to rid the stigma attached to “professional, independent, black women” that we are always bitter which is why “we” are single.

This show is providing an outlet for women all over, to learn from the lessons being taught and apply it to their own lives, so they too can find their version of #BlackLove 🙂


#BlackLove airs every Tuesday At 10:15 est on FYI. Will you be watching?



Robyn Jasmine





One thought on “#BlackLove: Have You Been Watching?

  1. I never watch this show before. I hope they don’t fight to the death like other shows portraying Black Women. It seems refreshing for what you have been telling. But why New York? New York is always a single’s capital. I hope these women will find the love they’re looking for.

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